All About Eye Tattoo Meanings

Beauty and symbolism tend to be the primary reasons that most people decide to get a tattoo done. Few designs encompass these concepts better than eye tattoos. Tattoos have become very popular and socially acceptable. Many people, men and women, are eager to display their beautiful body art. Many of these pieces convey symbolic meaning that is dear to the wearer. Eye tattoos have the ability to do this and it is a primary reason that many people select these designs to have inked.

The eye has always held a fascination with many. It is said that the eyes are the doorways to the soul. Eyes can convey a variety of emotions. Sadness, happiness, love, and more can be expressed by the eyes. With such a variety of intended meaning available that can be displayed, eye tattoos are a favorite with many. Eye tattoos can either feature eyes all by themselves or as part of a face. It is not uncommon to see eyes placed in other, more unconventional designs like on a structure of some sort.

There are a few well know “eyes” that are often the subjects for eye tattoos. One is the eye of Horus. Horus is an Egyptian god. This eye represents life and protection. Then there is the well known “third eye”. The third eye symbolizes an awareness that goes beyond sight, of being able to see within the soul. These are some of the more known meanings that are associated with particular eye designs. However, eye tattoos can actually mean or represent anything a wearer intends. There are no set rules, and the meaning of eye tattoos is often based on how the tattoo itself is designed and situated.

Eye Tattoo Designs and Meaning

The Eye of Horus Tattoo Meaning:

Horus is considered to be the Egyptian falcon sky God. The eye of Horus symbolizes the God himself and his royal power. Egyptian folks believed that this symbol implies indestructibility and that using this symbol will help in rebirth, since they had faith in the afterlife. The tradition of freemasonry has adopted this symbol and today it appears as the Eye of Providence on the recto of the Great Seal of the United States. There are six parts in the eye of Horus tattoo design which symbolize six senses. It is also associated with the mathematical system of ancient Egypt.

The right side of the eye tattoo design symbolize the sense of smell, shown by the link between the eye and the nose. The pupil of this eye tattoo design represents the sense of vision or sight and the eyebrow symbolizes the power of thought. The lines that point towards the ear, symbolize the sense of hearing and the sense of taste is symbolized by the one line beneath the eye design which implies the curling of a bundle of wheat.

The sense of touch is represented by the vertical line beneath the eye, anchoring towards the Earth. This whole design thus, represents the six senses and as one of the eye tattoo designs, the eye of Horus tattoo makes a great one as it is loaded with amazing meaning behind all those six symbols.

The eye of Horus tattoo design makes a lovely small tattoo design and is considered as one of the luckiest eye tattoo designs in the world. Combining the eye of Horus tattoo with other ancient Egyptian symbols and designs will add to its meaning and make a lovely Egyptian piece of body art.

The Eye of Ra Tattoo Meaning:

The eye of Ra is a symbol of Egyptian deity of sky and sometimes referred as Sun God. It is believed that he had the ability to keep a watch over his believers. The eye of Ra symbol also represents light and all good and joyful things. It is said that the eye of Ra protects the bearers from ghosts and evil spirits. This symbol is also called as Wedjat and Oudjat. Thus, the eye of Ra symbol as an eye tattoo design makes a lovely design and symbolizes protection and healing.

This eye tattoo design is a design of an elongated eye with a line above it which looks like the upper lid. There are two or three more lines that branch below the eye and that stem from the outer corner which gives it an appearance that of a hawk’s eye. It is often seen in different colors like blue and green. The eye of Ra tattoo is one of the most popular tribal eye tattoo designs and is sometimes colored in typical black and white tribal style.

There are many styles in which you can get these eye tattoo designs inked on your body. With a bit of brainstorming and creativity, you will be able to design a lovely eye tattoo design for yourself. A great idea could be combining any of these eye tattoo designs with a chain tattoo design, keeping the design of the eye, as the pendant, if you are considering chest as the location of your tattoo.

You can also get it inked on the nape of your neck or on the back side of your neck and make your own style statement. As these eye tattoo designs are small in size, they can be placed anywhere on your body from where they will be visible. Adding intricate designs to your eye tattoo design will add to the size, beauty and meaning of the tattoo.

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