11 Important Hair Care Tips for Winter Season

Healthy hair is not only a beauty basic – it’s a must in our beauty books. Different seasons require different hair care techniques to maintain healthy hair. While you might wear your hair out much more often in the summer and rely on carefree styles when it’s warm outside.

Winters are known to be the worst time for your mane. You are plagued with a host of hair problems like dandruff, dry and frizzy hair, hair breakage, parched strands, and split ends. So today I have a few things you can do to maintain that beautiful mane through the winter months.

The Useful Hair Care Tips During Winter

  1. Give your hair a break this winter by washing less. “It’s important to avoid washing hair every day because the PH level in the water is high, which causes your scalp to become dryer and can possibly cause dandruff flakes.
  2. A night before a hair wash. If that is too much, at least an hour before washing your hair. Massage your scalp with warm oil and spread it to the the tips of your hair.
  3. Dry weather also leads to split ends. Says Husain, “Cutting off the split ends is the only remedy to treat this problem.” Avoid tying your hair with rubber bands.
  4. Hats: They really make sense. Keep your head warm & your hair safe? Yes please! But really, by wearing a hat you are protecting your hair from the wind & ice & snow or rain. You can also try wearing a hat with a side braid or ponytail.
  5. Grab a single-use bottle at the beauty supply store, or grab some Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the cupboard. It will help heal your hair from daily wear and tear. Apply directly to damp hair, and put on a plastic cap and/or a hot towel.
  6. Change your shampoo: It is essential to invest in a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to add more moisture to the hair during the winter months.
  7. Diet is extremely important when it comes to keeping hair healthy, especially in the winter. Vitamins, greens and whole grains are some of the things that can help ensure hair stays healthy and strong.
  8. Air dry your hair as much as you can. Keep the usage of blow dryer to the minimal. If you have to use a hairdryer, keep it slightly away from the hair, and use lower heat settings.
  9. Another problem that is associated with cold weather is parched strands. Remember to nourish your hair during the winters to treat your dehydrated mane. For a deeper treatment, you can keep your hair oiled overnight and wear a shower cap over your head, so that the oil gets absor-bed in your hair.
  10. Use a hair mask: Include a hair mask into your weekly hair care routine. Leave it in over-night if you can and always remember to towel dry your hair first to rid of any excess water.
  11. Olive oil treatments also work wonders for your hair during winter. Warm two teaspoons of olive oil and massage it on your scalp. This will help the oil penetrate and will also give your hair shine, taking care of dryness, breakage and frizz in this weather.

Well, that pretty much sums it up! Please share your best winter hair care tips. I would love to hear your ideas, in the event that a friend wants some advice, or if I’m on assignment again!

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