All About Love Tattoo Designs

A person who wishes to show their affection and dedication to a particular individual will often get a love tattoo inked on their body. It can be done for a mother, spouse or child and shows that this individual has a special place in the heart of the bearer. When love tattoos are used in this fashion, the artists will often incorporate a portrait of the person or their name in beautiful calligraphy. The artist who designs the love tattoo might also incorporate a wreath of flowers such as roses, asters or bluebells.

Other design elements that may be used for these tattoos include flames, circles of eternal love and birds. There are other forms of love tattoos, however. There are ones that aren’t designed for a specific person, but merely represent love as a philosophical principal. Love tattoo designs of this sort often contain generic symbols of love such as hearts, kanji script, lips and swans.

But not all love tattoos have to be the same. I have seen many interesting designs that incorporate common symbols of love but do it in an original manner. To give you an example, I have seen heart shapes made out of tribal designs and Celtic knots fashioned into the name of a loved one.

Love Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Love tattoos have been a way to express your feelings for another person for a long time. Whether it takes the form of a heart, a rose, or a name written in delicate script, many people choose to show their love for another person with love tattoos. It is becoming more and more common for couples to get matching tattoos (known as couple’s tattoos). This practice has even become common among celebrities.

Is getting a tattoo the best way to express your love for another person? Perhaps it depends on how comfortable you are with such dramatic personal expression. Whether you want to send a loud message, or simply a subtle tribute, there are all kinds of love tattoos that might appeal to you.

Heart Love Tattoos

Heart tattoos are a great way to express your love for another person, and they have been a popular way to do so since the beginning of the 1900s. Early on, it was common to see men, particularly sailors, with a heart featuring the word “Mom” on a banner across the center. As soldiers left for World War II, many soldiers would stop by a tattoo parlous to get the name of their girlfriend tattooed in a heart on their arm or shoulder.

Today, there are a wide variety of heart love tattoos, and they are still a common form of expression when it comes to love for another. Some of the different kinds of heart tattoos include: the sacred heart, the locked heart, the broken heart, the pierced heart, the Celtic heart, and hearts with a name inside of them. For the best results when you are choosing your heart tattoo, make sure that you work with a tattoo artist whom you trust.

Couple’s Love Tattoos:

Oftentimes, a couple will get matching tattoos in order to show their love for one another. These love tattoos frequently consist of song lyrics or children’s names. The danger with these love tattoos is that the couple might not last, while the tattoo is permanent.

Recently, it has been a common trend among celebrities to get couples tattoos. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, for example, had a pair of matching dice tattooed onto their wrists after their wedding. Victoria and David Beckham have matching couples tattoos that read “I am my beloved’s, my beloved is mine” in Hebrew.

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