Bird Tattoos and Their Meanings

Bird tattoos are designs that can be fit into any bodies personal style of body ink. Whether your young or old, skinny or fat, male or female there is a bird tattoo that fits your personality. But, what a lot of people don’t realize is that bird tattoos have varying meanings depending on the type of bird represented in the design. Let’s take a look at a couple of the most common. The first one I’d like to talk about is the Albatross.

The albatross is a bird that can be a harbinger of doom or stand for something weighing heavily on the wearer shoulders. The next bird is the robin. The robin can be a sign of spring or youth, new life or life eternal. Next let’s move on to the common owl. The owl symbolizes wisdom and highly developed sight, whether it be physical or spiritual.

The last bird is represented in the tattoo in the picture. It’s of a sparrow. The sparrow is a favorite among sea faring peoples and sailors. It symbolizes a safe journey home and good luck. Now that you a know a few of the meanings behind common birds then you can choose a design based upon more then just size, shape and color.

Bird Tattoos and Their Meanings

Dove Tattoos:

Dove tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs. The meaning of the dove tattoo is the same worldwide. As we know, dove stands for peace and hope. Dove tattoos also have biblical allusions, like for example, the dove is said to be the bird who brought the twig to Noah, which signified the flood. It is used to represent the Holy Spirit in the Bible. Besides the religious meanings, the dove is also said to be the symbol of love, love for the society.

Interestingly, there is one more meaning to dove tattoos which is not so popular, according to this meaning, dove represents death, to be precise, it represents the journey of a person from earth to heaven. Whichever meaning you take, all the meanings are noble and that is the reason dove tattoos are not gender biased. Men and women both can get a dove tattoo done.

Eagle Tattoos:

This is one of the popular bird tattoos, especially amongst guys. In general, eagle tattoos are said to be a symbol of strength, independence and fearlessness. The American eagle tattoos are a symbol of honor, patriotism and spiritual growth. Bald eagle is a national symbol of America and is more associated with freedom. One of the popular bald eagle tattoo design is of the eagle with its wings spread and American flag in the background. If you want to get an eagle tattoo design as a symbol of strength, you can opt for the classic design of a soaring eagle, who is ready to jump on its prey!

Swallow Tattoos:

Though these birdies are small, they are quite strong and also popular as bird tattoo designs. Swallows are associated with sailors; sailors believed that swallow tattoos symbolize a safe landing. There are also certain other meanings of swallow tattoos. Some of the popular ones are, two swallow tattoos symbolize freedom, they are also a symbol of loyalty and love. There is an very interesting reason behind these meanings, unlike all other birds, when a swallow chooses a partner, it remains with the same partner throughout its life! This is one of the good bird tattoos for girls, which can also be done by guys.

Hummingbird Tattoos:

Hummingbird tattoo designs are also quite famous amongst girls. Hummingbirds were believed to have supernatural powers, it was believed that anyone wearing a wrapped dead hummingbird around their neck would be able to allure the opposite sex with ease. Hummingbirds are also considered a symbol of energy and positiveness. So if you want a cute tattoo with a little sensuous meaning, you can opt for hummingbird tattoo. This is one of the best ideas for bird tattoos on wrist.

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