The Meaning Behind Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs

Cherry blossom tattoos are being one of the latest, hot favorite tattoo designs. However, for a person who is new to tattoos (which is I am sure the chances are less) knowing what exactly cherry blossom tattoos mean is important. Never the less, despite of the fact that you are new to cherry blossom tattoos or want to know about the origin, history and popularity of Cherry blossom tattoos reading this article will help you at great extent. So without wasting any moment let us move ahead and talk further about Cherry blossom tattoos.

Cherry blossom tattoos has basically originated from China and Japan. The Cherry blossom tattoos holds great symbolic importance. The use of nature and surrounding in a very delicate yet elegant manner, the exceptional designs of Cherry blossom tattoos which further denotes the Japanese and Chinese historical values, is the trait of Cherry blossom tattoos.

Though when talk about style aspect of Cherry blossom tattoos, these are the most stylish type of tattoos, which has liked, by many women and men across the world. Thus, it is wise to conclude that Cherry blossom tattoos has its own significance trademark in the entire world of tattoos.

The Cherry blossom tattoos have two distinctions one is Japanese Cherry blossom tattoos and second is Chinese Cherry blossom tattoos. Both the types of Cherry blossom tattoos hold immense importance and at some extent holds symbolic significance as well. So let’s talk about these two types of Cherry blossom tattoos.

Chinese Cultural Meanings:

The symbolic importance of the cherry blossom is that of power, beauty, dominance and it is a symbol of love that is highly sacred in the Chinese culture. The Chinese recognized its simple beauty and have portrayed it in many of their art over the centuries.

Japanese Cultural Meanings:

In Japanese culture the cherry blossom symbolizes the brevity of life. You see, this flower only blooms for a short period of time. It encourages everyone to appreciate what little time they have on this Earth and it promotes gratitude for what they are given. As a tattoo, this symbol could remind you that all things pass in time and that bad situations won’t last forever. It can be comforting especially in times of grief or other hardship. It’s definitely something you can look at and cherish forever no matter how old you get.

Popular Assortments of Cherry Blossoms You Can Choose From:

  • Somei Yoshino – Mostly white with a hint of pink.
  • Yaezakura – A larger flower variety with deep pink colored.
  • Shidarezakura – The most popular style due to its weeping branches.

Blending the flowers with other tattoos will give it a customized influence. Take notes and ideas of the things you would like to express overall. Give the art work a personal meaning that you can relate to. You can manipulate the design so that it will signify your unique interpretation of what you want to convey in your tattoo. Utilize different elements to accomplish your goal in acquiring that ideal design.

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