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Known as the King of the Jungle, the lion is the second largest feline in the world (tigers are number one). The lion tattoo is often a beautiful and contradictory symbol in tattooing today. These creatures embody pride, strength, nobility and loyalty. Yet, at the same time they can be symbols of savagery, fear and are sometimes depicted as being vain.

In early Christianity, as Jesus was seen to be the “King of Kings”, he was often represented by a Lion, and a Lion was the symbol of St. Mark. The Lion is mentioned many times in the Bible and the time when a Lion lays with a Lamb is seen as the dawning of a New Age. In African cultures the Lion was a powerful symbol in many Creation Myths, as both Creator and Destructor, and in some cultures the Lion figured prominently in rites of passages to becoming a man and full-fledged warrior. To kill a lion single-handedly was the height of prowess for a hunter. But in many African fables the Lion is often depicted as a vain, arrogant creature who is often out-witted by smaller more clever creatures.

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