Bull Tattoo Design: The Sing of Power

The Bull is a symbol of power, strength, resurrection, masculinity, fertility, impulsiveness, fathers, kingship, and the Zodiac sign and constellation Taurus. We’re all aware that tattoos are a form of self expression. The kind we get, are what portrays our unique personality to the world. A bull tattoo is one such symbolic tattoo design, that speaks a lot about the male personality.

The bull has its place in several distinct cultures, both in mythological and symbolic ways. It has also been worshiped and has also been sacrificed, to mother earth and different gods. That is how deep the symbolism of this ferocious animal is, and these are the meanings that you can portray by getting yourself any of these bull tattoo designs mentioned below.

2011 Bull Tattoo Design

Bull Tattoo Design

Bull Tattoo New Trend

Bull Tattoo Style

Bull Tattoo

Latest Bull Tattoo Design

Bull Tattoo Design 2011

Bull Tattoo Design for 2011

Bull Tattoo for Girls

Bull Tattoo Latest Style

Cool Bull Tattoo Design

New Bull Tattoo Design

Best Bull Tattoo Design

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