Cancer Tattoos & Designs: Tattoo Art

One of the best ways to express yourself and your individuality as well as personality is through body art modification. You can effectively give people ideas about your personality through the zodiac sign tattoos that you choose from them. People born between June 21st and July 23rd fall under the sun sign of Cancer and provide people strong symbolism in their outlooks in life.

Cancer is one of the hardest astrological signs to pin point when it comes to personality because the Cancer people often show lot of variation when it comes to their personality and the same fact stands for tattoos too. You can find wide range of collection of designs that signify cancer tattoos. Your Zodiac sign is the principal part of your behavior and individuality. It also helps to smother a picture of your nature. No matter what sun sign you fit in to, you need to focus on tattoo designs and art that focuses on creating balance of your personality.

The very first thing that people gravitate towards the astrological designs is the glyph sign. The Glyph sign of cancer Sun sign is the crab claws that are placed opposite in directions to show the duality nature of the people belonging to Cancer group. Therefore most tattoo designs of cancer have the black scrawl of the glyph and there are people who also like to play with the color by placing the pears in the small circles.

Cancer people are known for the affection they have for others and specially for family members the Cancer tattoos and designs may also feature the design and picture of family members or loved ones in their body. And mostly their tattoos may become a showcase featuring many things that have good deal of importance to them. That is why most tattoo artists do the designing of cancer along with the passions, joys and love symbols alongside the sign of cancer in Cancer tattoo art and designs.

Cancer Tattoo Art

Cancer tattoos have flourished today with spectacular designs. The art implies engraving the symbol in fashionable or traditional way. Crab representing the cancer is mostly etched in silver, as it is ruled by moon. Cancer tattoos are worn by people bearing all characteristics of cancer zodiac sign. A person wearing a cancer tattoo can be judged specifically by the symbol.

They are emotional, loving and imaginative. Intuitive, sympathetic and protective are some of their positive qualities. Cancer tattoos also signify that the person is very moody, sensitive and overemotional. They can also be shrewd at times. Zodiac cancer tattoos sometimes have pearl designs, as pearl is the sun stone of the sign.

The western astrological sign of cancer (tropical zodiac) differs from the astronomical constellation of cancer. It also differs from the Hindu astrological sign of sidereal zodiac. According to the western culture, the date lies between June 21 and July 22 whereas in sidereal zodiac it’s between July 21 to August 9.

In Hindu mythology, the sidereal zodiac represents myth of Lernaean Hydra, one of The Twelve Labors of Hercules, whereas the west represents the tropical zodiac as balmy expansiveness of mid summer. Cosmology study says that cancer is a water sign. For this reason, when you go for cancer tattoos, you can also associate water with shades of blue along with the crab.

Cancer Tattoo Designs

Cancer tattoo designs are normally uni sexual, although the color can vary for men and women. Cancer tattoos are very popular and are of different types. The crab can be embellished with other elements like flowers, gemstones, crosses, hearts, skulls and goth as well. Cancer tattoos for girls have bright hues like red, yellow, orange and green.

Celtic cancer tattoos are quite popular amongst the female folk. Girls also love wearing flowers like roses, daisies, lily, hibiscus, vines, etc. combined with the crab emblem. Fairy, water and moon also form side designs with the typical cancer symbol. Tribal designs with dark shades of gray and black are true cancer tattoos.

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