Animal Tattoos and Their Meanings

It has been estimated that roughly 25% of all tattoos utilize animals. Many people relate to the physical and behavioral qualities that their animal totems possess, including prowess, beauty, and temperament. These creatures become a way for us to express emotions, instincts, and even experiences. Although what an individual associates with a particular animal has a great deal to do with the symbolic meaning that they personally ascribe to it, many animal images seem to speak directly about ferocity or grace, swiftness or strength, purity or poison, based mostly on the common perceptions that we have of them.

These types of tattoos include everything from entire scenes of a wild jungle habitat to a single diminutive frog, from doves to dolphins, and alligators to zebras. At times people with an animal tattoo identify with the look or behavior of the animal, feeling that it represents a part of them. Other times their animal symbol is a reminder of a particular place (penguins) or is simply a particularly cute (pandas) or ferocious (pythons) type of creature.

Animal Tattoo Meanings and Designs

Land animals as well as marine animals are popular as animal tattoos. The following are the most popular and free animal tattoo designs.

Lion Tattoo Designs:

Lions are the first choice of many people, when it comes to animal tattoo designs. Lion stands for power and bravery and courage, besides, it is also a symbol of royalty and that is why since centuries, people are getting a lion tattoo because of all these various qualities it portrays. Lion is also a symbol of a zodiac sign, Leo. Zodiac tattoos are also one of the popular tattoo designs, especially if it a royal sign like the lion! The designs of course differ for zodiac lion tattoo and usual lion tattoos.

Talking about designs, did you know that different positions of the lions have different meanings? The roaring lion tattoo design symbolizes power, a desire to display a dominating power. In the same way, a lion which seems calm and cool, obviously symbolizes calmness and confidence. A pouncing lion stands for aggressiveness and bravery. Lion tattoo can also be done in a tribal form, in fact, a lion tattoo is considered as one of the best tribal animal tattoo designs. Talking about the locations for a lion tattoo; nape, arm, back, etc. are good locations. Read more on tribal tattoos.

Koi Fish Tattoo Designs:

Koi fish is one of the most popular tattoo designs. Not only is this fish beautiful, it also has loads of meanings attached to it. It has a great importance in the Japanese mythology. Koi fish tattoos are said to be the symbol of good luck and there are many legends famous about the koi fish tattoo design. According to one of the legends, koi fish have the capability to swim upstream to heavens!

This is the reason why sailors would get a koi fish tattoo done. These tattoos also stand for courage and strength. Talking about koi fish tattoo location, these tattoos look beautiful on the lower back, as various colors are used to depict it and the lower back provides an extensive canvas for detailed tattoo. Besides that, koi fish tattoo can also look good as a sleeve tattoo design. Read more on koi fish tattoos and their meaning.

Dragon Tattoo Designs:

Though imaginary, dragon tattoo designs are very popular amongst tattoo lovers. Dragon tattoos stand for fierceness, strength and power. There are many tattoo designs available in dragon tattoo, like for example, tribal dragon tattoos, Japanese dragon tattoos, etc. The design which is very popular, is the classic design of the dragon breathing fire. Dragon tattoos look good either on the back or on the sleeve, mainly because it is an extensive design and the beauty of the tattoo can be brought out only if there is a large canvas available. Dragon tattoos are more famous as animal tattoo designs for men.

Dolphin Tattoo Designs:

Dolphins are one of the most loved animals! Anybody who is interested in getting a water animal’s tattoo done, opts for a dolphin tattoo. Dolphin stands for rejuvenating, intelligence, freedom and balance. Not only designs, but even different styles of dolphin tattoos can be opted for. If you are interested in Celtic animal tattoo designs, then you could get a Celtic tattoo, with the dolphin incorporated in it. You could also include the Chinese philosophy in your tattoo by getting two dolphins, which stand for yin yang. Any location can be chosen for a dolphin tattoo design.

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