Dolphin Tattoos: The Meaning Behind Its Popularity

Some of the most frequently demanded designs are those that have to do with dolphin tattoos. They are currently and have been before, extremely popular and some are so creatively done that they are very attractive and appealing. Although they look nice and can be very eye-catching, there is of course a deeper meaning behind them.

Dolphin tattoos can have a few potential meanings that they are supposed to symbolize, and dolphins are probably so beloved because they represent positive feelings and ideals. If you see a dolphin and think of it for a second, you will probably not come up with anything negative. In fact, quite the opposite is true. You will automatically think of sea creatures that enjoy their freedom in the great seas and who like to play and do tricks.

These are also not even impressions, but reality because dolphins do love their free roaming ways and are known for their sense of fun and love of frolicking. That is why that they are also such popular zoo or aquarium attractions and the trainers can teach them how to do tricks and play with balls, just to mention a few examples. This is why it is generally claimed that the symbolism behind dolphin tattoos is for freedom, fun and lightheartedness.

An interesting fact is that the majority of dolphin tattoos are created for women and that the dolphin is one of the most used symbols by women. That does not mean that a man cannot ask for a dolphin as the main theme of a tattoo. Many men that love the water  such as beach lovers, surfers or boaters also frequently request for dolphin tattoos. Through the dolphin they most likely want to symbolize their love and understanding for the water and want everyone to know that they have some special connection to the seas.

Meaning Behind Dolphin Tattoos

There are several meanings that could be associated with dolphin tattoo designs. Let use see all of them.

Celtic: According to the Celtic art, the dolphin is associated with water. Water is known to wash away the past and rejuvenate a person for a fresh new start. As such, as per Celtic art, a dolphin tattoo design refers to death of an old lifestyle and birth of a new one.
Freedom: Dolphins are known for their playfulness and free spirit. Because the Celtic represent dolphins of a new life, many people use them to resemble hope for a better life. Many people who have dolphin tattoos get it in the hope of finding the free life that they are looking for.
Cute: Many people simply get the dolphin tattoo designs to add a little whimsical to their life. Dolphins are cute and are acceptable to all. As such, they make a safe tattoo option.
Connection: Dolphins are very intelligent species. Somehow, they are considered different from other animals, much like us humans. As such, many people choose the dolphin tattoo design as a way to connect to the animal side of their personality.
Yin Yang: As per Chinese philosophy, the image of two dolphins together is symbolic of yin and yang. It stands for the balance of life and nature.

Well, it is clear that dolphin tattoos have very deep, intricate and wise meanings. They hold importance in dream interpretations as well. So, let’s now see the different dolphin tattoo designs that one can opt for.

Dolphin Tattoo Designs

Here are a few options that one can consider when selecting a dolphin tattoo design. Dolphin tattoos are gaining a lot of popularity these days. The reason why dolphin tattoos are becoming more and more popular are because of their look, and meaning. Let us see the different types of dolphin tattoo designs.

Cartoon: For people who simply wish to get dolphin tattoos because they are cute and mostly acceptable, cartoon dolphin tattoo designs are the best option. These designs are cute and have a certain whimsical appeal. They make the wearer seem more fun, yet deeper than they seem.
Futuristic: Many people prefer to give their dolphin a very futuristic look. It will is metallic and shiny to look at. This goes along with the meaning of a new life. These tattoos look really unique and make the wearer look very futuristic, yet naturalistic at the same time.
Celtic: If you are looking to put out the Celtic meaning of the dolphin tattoo, then the Celtic dolphin tattoos are a good option for you. These designs are elegant and graceful. They contain the Celtic knot in the design, making the meaning of the dolphin clear.
Tribal: The tribal dolphin tattoo represents hope, as well as the Celtic meaning. These tattoos have bold outlines and colors. The tribal designs will mostly have the dolphin jumping out of the water. Many tribal tattoo artists create tricky tribal designs which seem to have the dolphin tattoo design in it.

All these design options are available to people who choose to go for the dolphin tattoos. Dolphin tattoos hold a lot of importance to any one who holds their freedom and spirit dear. This is where I sign off! Cheers!

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