Most Beautiful Cat Tattoo Designs In The World

It has always been said that cats have nine lives, so they have always been a symbolic representation of spirituality and reincarnation. Cat tattoos tend to express these feelings. Cat tattoos are a symbol of independence and sensuality. Cats have been a favorite pet of royal families and Egyptian gods and goddesses. The cat was first identified in Egyptian history in 3000 B.C. as a favorite pet of the Egyptian goddesses. For centuries, it has been a symbol of motherhood, fertility and immortality.

In China and Japan, cats were used as domestic animals to ward off the mice. They are attractive animals and cat tattoos represent agility and the ability to rise again after falling from great heights.

Girls Cat Tattoo Design

Cat Tattoo Design 2011

Cat Tattoo Design for Girls

Cat Tattoo Design

Cat Tattoo Latest Style

Cat Tattoo New Style

Cat Tattoo

Cute Cat Tattoo Design

Latest Cat Tattoo Design

Cat Tattoo Latest Style

Cat Tattoo Design for 2011

Cat Tattoo Latest Design

Best Cat Tattoo Design

Cool Cat Tattoo Design

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