Home Decorating Ideas With A Gothic Theme

Today, we are going to be discussing about a home interior that is not so typical within the context of the Singapore house. One of the areas that are not so common is the dark interior design, being such a sunny country that we are, but there has been a resurgence of late for the Gothic and classical interior design, and today, we will be focusing a little on how this has come up and the kinds of areas and representations that has come about because of this.

Gothic home decor is unique and impressive, and is ideal for people who love creativity and a bit of drama in their lives. Gothic home decorating is also for people who are inclined towards spirituality and yet are very modern and secular in their views. So, if this description fits you, and you are planning for Gothic interior decorating for your home, then below are some tips and ideas on the same, which you will find very useful. Read more on home interior design ideas.

Gothic Home Decor Ideas:

Painting and Decorating Walls:

To imitate the stone walls of Gothic interiors, give your walls a stone-textured look with faux painting. Sponge paint gray tones on black or beige tones on brown to achieve this finish. Alternatively, paint your living room walls a deep shade of blue, red, or another rich color.

Medieval style wall tapestries are great ornamentation for your walls. Some typical Gothic patterns include Celtic knot work, fleur-de-lis designs, stylized dragons or lions, and the tree of life. You may also want to hang wallpaper on an accent wall in the room. Keep the pattern ornate and in colors like red and gold.

Looking for Gothic Furniture:

Furniture in Gothic style can be found at antique stores or yard sales selling old church furniture. Look for items that are heavy and bulky, in dark wood with intricate carvings and wrought iron embellishments. Sofas upholstered in rich brocade fit in with the Gothic theme, as do wooden chairs with pointed arches and carved designs on the tall backs. Benches that have an antique look can provide seating as well.

You may also like to include a display cabinet or armoire in your living room. Gothic furniture may feature carvings of lions’ heads or medieval castle scenes. Since these pieces are large and imposing, keep them to a minimum, especially if you don’t have a very large living room.


Gothic home decorations are accentuated by the use of rich, stunning and costly fabrics. So, when you are selecting fabrics for your bedding, cushions, curtains and upholstery, make sure that it is very thick and heavy and also of a very high quality. Inexpensive fabrics are a big no in Gothic home decorating.

Big Photos:

Goth up a room almost instantaneously without having to paint the walls blood red or hang black lace curtains by hanging big, unframed canvas photo prints depicting gothic subjects or styles. Some of the subjects you might consider include ruined castles or churches, creepy carnivals, brooding landscapes shot in black and white, graveyards (of course) and dramatic cityscapes of places like Paris and Prague.

Alternately, hang a huge wallpaper mural covering an entire wall of a main room. Or hire a professional muralist to adorn your wall with a piece of custom artwork.

Romantic Lighting:

Illuminate your Gothic living room with candlelight and an elaborate chandelier. Candle holders made of pewter or wrought iron can be paired or clustered on end tables and cabinet surfaces. Wrought iron wall sconces in scroll or fleur-de-lis designs enhance the Gothic theme. Hang a large black metal chandelier from the ceiling to complete the look.

Stone fireplaces and stained glass windows also add to the Gothic theme. Replace a small glass window with a panel of stained glass, or mount the stained glass panel on an easel in front of a light source.

Gothic Accessories:

Gothic home decor is incomplete if some creative and beautiful artwork is not displayed in the rooms. So, invest in a few beautiful paintings and other artwork which depicts people, sceneries or houses of that era.

Some other accessories, which really go well with Gothic home decor are candles, which come in different shades such as silver, gold, yellow, black and red. Colored, scented candles in metallic candle holders, can be placed at different places in the house and will look especially beautiful in Gothic bedroom decor, lending it a mysterious and romantic appeal.

Some other Gothic home decorations which add to the appeal of a Gothic house are wall hangings made from silk with silver or white embroidery on them, cushions in silk cloth with crystal designs on them, metallic chandeliers and plants which have white or red colored flowers.

The best thing about Gothic home decor is that you can plan it the way you want. There is no hard and fast rule regarding what can be and what can not be included in a Gothic home decor. On top of that, even if the Gothic look that you get finally seems less than perfect, it will add to the aura and mystery of the house!

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