The Memorial Tattoo Meanings

Memorial tattoos are a way to commemorate a person, a pet or even an event or a changing and defining moment within a life through artwork that is created and then placed onto the body. Memorial tattoos are often the most personal tattoo choices that are chosen and can lead the individual to choose personalized pictures and even portraiture that can be placed on various parts of the body that can help to remember an individual that has passed away as this is one of the most common types of memorial tattoos that are chosen.

When choosing a tattoo artist or a designer for the memorial tattoo, it is important to take into account the experience of the tattoo artist. There are some designers and tattoo artist that specialize in portraiture, whether in black and white or color and can create a tattoo that resembles the likeness of the individual that is portrayed within a picture. When choosing this type of tattoo artist be sure to gain references as well as seeking a look at the portfolio to determine if the artists style coincides with the vision that you have had for the memorial tattoo.

Many people use memorial tattoos as a chance to heal after a death, as it is a traumatic transition. These individuals choose to have a likeness of the individual portrayed on the body so the individual can always have something to remember the special person by. This is a way of saying that the person may no longer be here, but they will never be forgotten.  Through consideration, there are many other aspects of traditional tattoos which can be integrated into the memorial tattoo. These include the use of script and designs that can create a unique element to the memorial tattoo.

Memorial Tattoo Designs

Memorial tattoos are personal and have some stories associated with them. When you decide to get rip memorial tattoos, you will have to decide, what is it exactly, that you want to do. There are some people, who do not want to use names, dates of birth or death, etc. for the tattoos, as they would not want to be asked about the significance about the particular tattoo. Such people think about the things or ideas, that were dear to the departed soul to make the tattoo.

So that when people ask about the tattoos, they will stories to tell about the person and not about the dates. These designs would bring back happy memories about the person, rather than just dwelling on the death of the person. You may want to start writing down all that the person liked. Based on that you will be able to come up with some design, which will be a happy remembrance of the person.

Grim reaper tattoos are also one of the popular memorial tattoos. In the grim reaper tattoos, as well there are different designs, that you can opt for. One of the design is to have a skeleton wearing a very loose black colored coat, hunting for souls with a scythe. You can opt to have the grim reaper with the face hidden under the cloak. Grim reaper can also be depicted riding a horse ad hunting for souls to be taken away.

Memorial tattoos for babies are normally made using the picture of the baby. The portraits are often times made on the chest, which becomes a source of inspiration for family and friends. The portraits can be made along with the names, dates or places, etc. in memory of the person. In the same way portraits of pets are also made.

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