All About Flower Butterfly Tattoos

Butterflies have always been fascinating from an earthbound caterpillar to an amazing winged creature, their transformation is indeed amazing and one of a kind. Their beauty, grace and colors never fail to lead us to the sunny side of life. With their physical and symbolic characteristics, butterflies have always been a favorite subject in both literary and visual arts. So it would be no wonder that butterflies will always be a popular choice design for women who are looking to get tattooed.

Butterfly Flower Tattoos Meaning

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creatures on Earth. Therefore, on the most basic note, a butterfly symbolizes beauty and grace. On the other hand, flowers symbolize more or less the same thing. Therefore, you can definitely make butterfly and flower tattoos for these basic meanings and symbolism. Secondly, the life of a butterfly is of a unique type when it gets transformed from an egg to a larva and later into a beautiful butterfly.

Therefore people who have undergone a major positive change in their life recently sport butterfly with flower tattoos on their body. Peculiarly, a butterfly symbolizes different things in different cultures. For e.g. in the Chinese culture, it stands for rebirth; in the Greek culture, it symbolizes the journey of the soul from the Earth to the heaven. Similarly, every flower symbolizes certain values and virtues. For e.g. rose is the universal symbol of love and passion; daisy and lily for innocence; marigold for riches; orchid for beauty and so on. Therefore, flower and butterfly tattoos are perfect for their beauty as well as for the meanings associated with them.

Symbolize of The Flower Butterfly Tattoos

Flower butterfly tattoos can make a woman look sexy, appealing and enchanting. This design mimics a butterfly’s natural dependency on flowers for its survival. Butterflies pollinate flowers and play a vital role in the survival of other living creatures around it. As a tattoo design, it can therefore represent one’s love for nature, like a support to the preservation of the environment.

Another great thing about this design is that it can be inked to complement and enhance the shape of a woman’s body. That’s why, one reason for choosing this design is to exude an aura of sex appeal. It can also symbolize a woman as being free spirited with the butterfly as being able to fly and transfer from flower to flower. It can als mean a woman is in full bloom already, and ready to take on the recurring obstacles in life in her quest to reach for her goals or dreams in life.

Whether its for symbolical reasons, for aesthetic values or its just plain pretty to look at, a woman can never go wrong with flower butterfly tattoos. They are part of nature and will not go out of style.

Butterfly Flower Tattoos Designs

One simply has endless options of designs to choose from as nearly thousands of varieties of flowers and butterfly species are known to man. You can either download an actual photo of a butterfly and flowers and copy the design as it is for your tattoo, or another way can be to make your own design. Secondly, as both, butterflies as well as flowers are found in different colors, you can have a colorful tattoo that is sure to catch the eye of the viewer.

As there are several flower and butterfly designs available, there are fewer chances of your tattoo design being repeated. You can either draw a single butterfly on a single flower or a cluster of flowers with smaller butterflies flying on it. As vine tattoos are one of the most popular designs today, you can even have a vine of cherry blossom, holly, ivy or grapevine, etc. with a butterfly on it. Read more on butterfly tattoo designs and flower tattoo designs.

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