Virgo Tattoo Meanings: Tattoo Art

Virgo is commonly known as the virgin. Since virgin symbolism figures so strongly in this zodiac sign, it’s definitely a great idea to use for Virgo tattoos. Virgins are mainly portrayed as young women, and classic Virgo symbolism depicts the virgin dressed in Roman robes. You can design a tattoo around this basic concept, or you can put your own spin on it. How about a virgin bathing in placid waters? Perhaps your virgin has coaxed the mythical unicorn to lay it’s head in her lap.

There are a number of variations you can come up with for a virgin theme.If you’re concerned about having a virgin inked on your body if you’re no longer a virgin yourself, don’t be. Virginity isn’t strictly about sex. Perhaps you’ve never been in love. Maybe you’ve never done something else you dream of doing, but haven’t had the courage or opportunity to do it. The virgin can be a symbol of your secret dreams, and no one needs to know what she stands for except you.

Virgo Tattoos:

One of the advantages of having a Zodiac tattoo is that they never go out of fashion. They are always in vogue even when times and tastes change. Secondly, a tattoo usually showcases a person’s thoughts and beliefs. A Zodiac sign or the Zodiac symbol also portrays a person’s characteristic and traits and hence, makes a perfect design for a tattoo. Thirdly, a person’s choices and tastes may change in the future and he/she may no longer like his/her tattoo. This can rarely happen with the Zodiac tattoo as the Zodiac sign of the person remains constant for a lifetime. So, if you are a Virgo, you can definitely go ahead and sport Virgo tattoos without having second thoughts.

Virgo Tattoo Designs:

The symbol of the Zodiac sign is the most simple, basic and the obvious choice for Virgo tattoos. As the Virgo is symbolized by the virginal maiden, she is used as a tattoo design for Virgos. One of the advantages of having this symbol as a tattoo design is that this symbol is naturally elaborate and beautiful and hence, can be a perfect tattoo. Virgo tattoos for women include the maiden drawn in graceful design and features sitting or standing coyly.

If you wish to make a simple and a smaller Virgo tattoo, you can simply draw the face of the maiden and write ‘VIRGO’ in different font styles around it. Secondly, you can even personalize Virgo tattoos by inscribing your name, initials or the words ‘Proud Virgo’ around it. One should note that the maiden is usually a larger tattoo and hence should be placed on the back, abdomen, upper arms, thighs, etc.

On the other hand, the glyph of Virgo can also be used for making unique and cool Virgo tattoos. The glyph of Virgo looks similar to the letter ‘M’ and ‘P’ in capital cases combined together. The glyph is much smaller in size and hence suitable for professionals. In most of the cases, Virgo tattoos for men include the glyph with some text inscribed alongside as men do not prefer the design of the maiden on their body. One of the other advantages of the glyph as a tattoo design is that as it is smaller in size, it an be placed on any part of the body like wrist, back of the neck, arms, etc.

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