How To Dealing With Acne Naturally

Living with acne can be very difficult, and sometimes difficult to find just the right acne treatment for you. The key to healthy, clear skin is choosing a skin care regimen that’s right for you based on the type of acne condition you have. Almost 100% of people between the ages of twelve and seventeen have at least occasional breakouts of whiteheads, blackheads or a pimple or two.

Natural acne treatment is by far the best way to go because of their lack of negative side effects. However, just because it is a natural acne treatment doesn’t mean it will be your nature cure for acne. Failing to do proper research will result in spending your hard earned money on treatments that won’t do anything for you.

While there are many reasons why people get acne, it can be a difficult condition to get rid of. Pimples have an annoying habit of appearing all over the place, and just when one clears up you may see a new one. You can find many different acne treatments, from over the counter ones at the drugstore to prescription medication your dermatologist prescribes. There are also some helpful natural treatments for acne, which we’ll be looking at here.

How To Cure Acne Naturally

  • Drink lots of water. It keeps you healthy, and staying hydrated can also help to reduce breakouts. If your skin is too dry, cells won’t shed properly, which means they’ll block your pores and actually cause worse acne.
  • Coconut oil is very inexpensive; it’s a good, cheap, natural home remedy. Coconut oil is one of the best, if not the best, treatments I’ve found for acne. Apply it daily, throughout the day if possible and at bedtime. Get the unrefined, unbleached type found at health-oriented food stores like Whole Foods or Wild Oats or order it online.
  • Mix honey and ground cinnamon, and apply over entire face. Leave on overnight or until dry, and wash off with warm water and pat dry. The cinnamon works to penetrate the pores, while the honey works to pull out any bacteria or oil that cause pimples to develop.
  • Stay away from caffeine. Yes, coffee is a great pick-me-up and a daily staple for lots of people, but try cutting out your daily cup of joe. Replace it with decaffeinated coffee or tea. If you absolutely have to have your coffee fix, don’t feel guilty. Just cut back a little. According to Karen Jesset, author of “Clear Skin and The Complete Skin Care Program,” caffeine causes stress levels to rise, and stress is a direct cause of acne.
  • Fight acne while you catch some z’s simply by tying your hair back before you go to bed. Your hair is full of oils, dirts and residues from hair products, all of which will clog up your pores. When you sleep with loose hair, it rubs against your face, which aggravates acne, so simply tie your hair back before going to bed. Talk about beauty sleep!
  • Diet can have an impact on hormone levels in your body which can then lead to more acne causing bacteria thus learning to optimize your diet to keep your hormone levels in check can help to control your acne condition. Taking part in a cleansing program can often be a good idea. Visit your local health food store for cleansing kits or do a search online as it is more convenient for ‘full body cleansing’ to find some good sources to get them and then follow the instructions to maximize the benefits.
  • Tea tree is obtained from a tree native to Australia. It is known to contain substances that work perfectly to remove pimples and facial blemishes. Some dermatologists even recommend using Tea tree oil due to its relative efficacy in treating acne. It contains Terpenes which is highly successful in killing the acne-inducing bacteria P. Although not without side effect, this alternative is one of those with fewer side effects among others.

Now that I have given you some pointers to clear acne naturally I hope you can put them to use and save money. There is nothing like clearing up your skin using only natural and homemade remedies. You can use these methods over and over to keep your skin looking and feeling great. I wish you the best of luck with these tried and tested acne solutions!

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