The Perfect Way of Weight Loss With Lemon Grass

Lemon grass is an herb that is prepared in a wide variety of ways including teas, curry and many specialties of Indian cooking. Lemon grass also has been found to have many health benefits. A 2005 study by Ben Gurion University of the Negev found that the oil from lemon grass caused cancer cell death. According to the Sun Star Network, lemon grass may have diuretic properties and can help with digestion. Lemon grass can also help you lose weight, especially when combined with a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

Health Benefits of Lemon Grass

Prevents Cancer:

A study revealed that every 100 g of edible lemon grass contains up to 24.205 micrograms of beta-carotene the powerful antioxidant that can help prevent cancer. In 2006, a research team from the Ben Gurion University in Israel found that citral, a key compound found in lemon grass, induced programmed cell death (apoptosis) in the cancerous cells while leaving the normal cells unharmed. As part of the research, the concentration of citral equivalent to the quantity in a cup of tea (one gram of lemon grass in hot water) was used.

Effective Detoxifier:

Lemongrass also has the property of detoxifying the body by increasing the quantity and frequency of urination. This helps the liver, digestive tract, kidney, pancreas and bladder to stay clean and healthy by assisting the body to get rid of unwanted toxic substances and uric acid.


Lemongrass is found to have antimicrobial properties and hence it can be used for preventing the bacterial, fungal and viral infections. It protects the body both externally and internally from microbes.

It protects us from microbial infection in stomach, colon, urinary tracts, respiratory tract, wounds and also prevents skin diseases, food poisoning, typhoid, malaria, fever etc. Apart from its anti microbial property lemon-grass also has antipyretic property and that helps to bring down the high fever.


Lemongrass promotes digestion of the food and it gives relief from gastroenteritis. It is also an ideal remedy for those who have flatulence. It allows the muscles in the abdominal region to relax and allows the gas to move down.

Benefits the Nervous System:

Essential oils made by using lemon grass can be used for strengthening and improving the functionality of the nervous system. It aids in treating several disorders of the nervous system such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, convulsions, nervousness, vertigo, shaking limbs etc.

Reduces Blood Pressure:

Lemon grass is effective in reducing blood pressure. It boosts blood circulation and eases all the problems of the blood pressure. Drinking a glass of lemongrass juice can bring down your blood pressure considerably.

Nervous System

Essential oil obtained from lemongrass acts as an ideal tonic for improving the strength and activities of the nervous system. It aids in curing many nervous disorders like shaking limbs, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, nervousness, convulsions, vertigo etc.

The best way to consume lemon grass is through lemongrass tea. It is not only the therapeutic effect that makes lemon grass very popular, but its incredible flavor adds taste to the food. Lemon grass can be added to meat dishes like poultry, fish and pork. The preventive and therapeutic health benefits of lemon grass are too good to ignore.

Best Tips For Lose Weight With Lemon Grass

Have a cup of lemon grass tea with breakfast. You can find loose tea leaves or pre-portioned bags in your local health food store. Add a teaspoon of honey for sweetness and enjoy this hot beverage that will fill your stomach and help you eat less. During your morning, the lemon grass can help you digest your breakfast, which should consist of lean proteins like turkey sausage and whole grains such as oatmeal. Eating breakfast is one of the best ways to lose weight because it keeps your metabolism from slowing down, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Make a pot of lemon grass chicken soup and divide it into single-serve portions, freezing the excess. At just 105 calories per serving, this delicious soup can be reheated in a microwave and eaten before lunch. In many cultures, soup is served first to whet the appetite and slow down the pace of eating the main meal. In addition, you will find that by drinking lemon grass soup, you will eat less of your lunch or dinner, thereby cutting calories.

Drop a small cotton bag filled with fresh or dried lemon grass into the corner of the shower or in the bath tub before you bathe. Let the hot water run for a few minutes to release the lemon grass scent. When you take a bath or shower, you will enjoy the relaxing scent of the lemon grass which, according to Gardens Ablaze, acts as a mild sedative.

Steep several bags of lemon grass tea in a quart of hot water for 10 minutes. Remove the bags and add 2 tbsp. of honey and place in a pitcher in your fridge. Have a glass of iced lemon grass tea before dinner to aid in digestion and relax you naturally so you can enjoy your meal. Eat a healthy dinner consisting of single servings of a lean protein, fresh or frozen vegetables and a starch such as corn or a baked potato with low-fat sour cream. By maintaining portion control, you can reduce your caloric intake by as much as 50 percent. In addition, the water in the tea will fill your stomach before you eat, so you will be inclined to eat less.

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