20 Incredible Hot Air Balloon Photography

Hot Air Balloons are great to see floating in the open skies, with only a body of hot air to keep it off the ground! Although the view from inside the wicker basket is sure to be the best, if grounded you can still produce a range of colorful photographs, and with the use of a long lens you’ll be able to capture the flicking flame from below, as well as making use of the vibrant fabric balloon!

Flying Cathedral

Around The World in 80 Days

Reflections for The Day

Floating Over Sedona

Balloon Reflection

Hot Air Balloon Festival

A Little Too Close…

Balloon Festival

Balloonar Eclipse

What I Did on Homecoming Night

Balloon Glow

Mass Ascension

New Balloon

Little Push


Count the Balloons

Dawn Balloon

Awesome Balloon Photo

Mass Ascension(Elegant Balloon)

Green River Festival

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