Useful Skin Care Tips For Combination Skin

A combination skin is called so because it is a combination of a partly dry and partly oily skin. The central part of the face-the forehead, nose, chin and parts of the cheek (also known as the T-zone) look glossy and oily. The cheeks are often dry or very dry.

A combination skin needs to test alternative remedies that work towards preventing excess oiliness in the T-zone and moisturizing the dry parts. Apart from the oily T-zone the dry areas on a combination skin are also at times prone to acne. Natural skin care must be put to use to nourish and moisturize the dry skin and reduce excessive oil secretion in the T-zone to balance the health of the skin. Beauty and skin care tips have some recommendations for combination skin that could prove useful when put to use.

What is Combination Skin?

The term combination skin can be applied to that skin condition that reflects different characteristics over a particular area, especially the face. Combination skin can be traced by the T- zone detection, which starts from the forehead running down the nose, mouth area to the chin forming a T-shaped structure. T-zone contains more oil-glands than the cheeks and tends to be oilier. This area is mostly dotted by blackheads and whiteheads while the other areas may remain normal. The problem occurs when the T-zone is too oily while the cheeks may appear very dry and flaky.

Skin Care Tips For Combination Skin

  • The first step starts with the cleansing of the skin and one should be careful in choosing the right cleanser for combination skin. A mild foaming cleanser should be used twice daily to get rid of the excess oil. Washing face too often robs the moisture from the non-oily parts and lead to dryness of the skin. Using bar soaps must be strictly avoided as these are harsh for the facial skin.
  • Exfoliation must be considered into weekly skin care routine that creates a lot of difference in the skin quality. Facial scrubs with tiny grains are good as they remove the layer of dead cells bringing out the natural glow of the skin and one should place extra effort in scrubbing the T-zone.
  • Take 1 tbsp of fuller’s earth and mix it with 1 tsp rose water. Apply this pack to the oily areas of your face. Leave it on for 10 minutes.
  • Take 1 tsp of milk cream and mix it with 2 tsp of chickpea powder and 1 tsp of honey. Apply this paste to the dry area of your face. Leave it on for 10 minutes.
  • Do not apply the face packs to the area around the eyes. Apply a little honey-cucumber eye pack to the area around the eyes. Mix 4 drops of honey, 1/2 cucumber juice, and 1/2 tsp milk cream to make a smooth paste and use this as the eye pack. Carefully wash off these packs with plain water. Pat your face dry with a soft towel.
  • Use a cotton wool to dab refrigerated rose water gently on your face.
  • Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water, daily. Fresh salads, fruits and plenty of green leafy vegetables should be included in your diet. You may be wondering why these diet tips? Your diet has a lot to do with your skin type. If you are looking for natural skin care tips for combination skin before you start applying any natural or homemade packs to your face you will need to take care of your diet.
  • Make sure that you follow a low-oil diet, balanced. Do not forget to exercise regularly. If you can’t go to a gym or go for a swim every day, make sure that you walk for 30 minutes every day. Your fitness regimen is just as important as your beauty regimen. The time you rush to work should not be a part of this fitness regimen you should be relaxed when you go for your regular daily half-hour walk.

Home Care Tips To Care For Combination Skin

  • Cleans the skin with mild cleanser and avoid vigorous cleansing.
  • If you use a toner it will also be of mild type not to contain the irritant content in it as alcohol or some citrus ingredients or any fragrant product in it.
  • When ever you go to sun you have to use sun screen or sun blockers especially for sensitive skin. A coating of compact powder will also protect the skin from sun rays.
  • Exfoliate your skin continuously to remove the dead cells and formation of new cells. Scrubber of mild nature should be used either of home made or from market.
  • The dry areas are only covered by moisturizer with great care and the oily skin is to be covered such by products which absorb the excess oil.
  • For the combination skin use the cosmetics with great care and use the products with best quality. Usually the products of oil based and water based both to be used according to the area.

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