Women can Lose Weight with Pole Dancing

Although it has not always been called pole dancing, the art form has a long and varied history. According to Lifestyle Asia, there are references to similar dances in various cultures, including the pagan Maypole dances and the “Hoochie Coochie” dancers who danced provocatively around tent poles in traveling circuses in the 1920s.

Pole fitness classes are a playground for women, where you will use muscles you never knew you had. This innovative trend on the fitness scene will tone your body, increase your self-confidence, help you lose weight, improve your relationship, self-expression, and ultimately offer overall empowerment. You will be guided step by step and you don’t need dance experience to benefit from the moves on the pole.

Pole Dancing for Weight Loss

Pole dancing as a form of exercise is quickly becoming a fun way to do this. It can be done in the comfort of your home with a simple pole kit, or you can find aerobic classes for women who offer this type of workout.

Many women may feel silly when they first start this workout. A few companies have recognized this and created at-home kits you can purchase so you won’t feel embarrassed. These kits will include a pole that is easy to set up and break down, and usually a DVD or two with lessons you work through.

For those who enjoy being around others dealing with the same struggles, a class may be a better option. The classes are designed to be fun and helpful. You can interact with others on the same mission as you, and have a blast while doing it.

Pole dancing is an efficient cardio workout. It puts the body’s energy systems to work and produces a high rate of caloric burn. You’ll be surprised that an hour has passed and you’ve barely noticed it because you were having fun. On top of that, over the course of an hour you’re able to burn 200 to 450 calories.

Weight loss benefits are great, and when you combine this type of activity with eating right (learning about calories) proper rest and nutrition you are on your way to a much healthier lifestyle and increasing the longevity of your life. There are many Pole Dancing facilities springing up and Pole Dancing Books and videos to get you started on this enjoyable pastime.


Pole dancing should only be performed under the instruction of a trained pole dance instructor. Some pole moves can be not only challenging but downright dangerous without the proper equipment and supervision. Dancers should go at a pace that feels comfortable for their individual bodies, and modify poses as needed.

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