5 Gorgeous Eye Makeup Ideas to Update Your Look

Playing with eye makeup colors to enhance and accentuate the eyes can be easy and fun, especially when trying out different eye makeup ideas. But some people who try to improve their appearance with cosmetics end up having trouble getting that particular look.

Many of us realize that the eyes are the most essential part of the make up of the face. They are a window into just who we are. They are also a focal point for the rest of your make up. If done right, the make up will lure in those that are looking at you. That is what your goal is.

The Perfect Eye Makeup Ideas

Some basic eye makeup tips. It’s pretty much a guarantee these easy makeup ideas will turn even a plain Jane into a beautiful and exquisite woman.

Eye Makeup Ideas Basics:

Basically, there are 3 types of eye makeup shades. These are the highlighter, mid shade and the contour. The highlighter is the eye color with the lightest shade whose purpose is bringing out the area where it is applied. The mid shade is the eye color whose shade is the closest to the skin tone. Though it is subtle, it is however the most important among the three shades. The contour color gives depth to the eye. It is the darkest shade of the three.

  1. The eyeliner can create the real magic when it comes to eye makeup. Always choose dark and neutral colored eyeliner. If you will apply bright colored eyeliner then your eyes will appear smaller.
  2. Eyelashes must be curled properly before applying the mascara. The right time to curl the eyelashes is just after the bath, as that time the lashes are smooth and hence can be curled easily.
  3. The mascara should be applied properly. You must always apply a thin layer of mascara first on your eyelashes. Then once it dries, you can apply the coats two to three times more. This will make the eyelashes look thick.
  4. You should be realistic while doing the eye makeup. If your eyes are small then its better to stick to light colored shadows. Otherwise you will not get the desired look and you will mess with your entire makeup.
  5. Always do the eye makeup first and then do the makeup on other parts of face. So that in case any of the eye shadow falls anywhere else on the face, you can clean it easily.

Eye make up tips like these are tips that everyone must have. Are you using the right eyeliner? Are you sure you are shaping your eyebrow the correct way? What about anti aging cream? Does it work? What are the top skin care products? There are plenty of questions and even more answers here for you to take full advantage of.

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