Top 7 Effective Skin Care Tips for Cold Weather

Cold weather can reek havoc on your skin. Red patches can form very quickly on your face, but getting them to go away takes time. The skin can become dry and flaky and for many, the itchiness that accompanies the dry skin is even worse. This winter, do something different and make your skin your top priority.

During the fall and winter seasons, the combination of cold temperatures and low humidity pulls moisture from your skin. It is this loss of moisture that causes our skin to become dry, red, and scaly. But not to worry here are some of the best and simple cold weather tips to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

The Simple Cold Weather Skin Care Tips

The following are some most useful skin care tips to help you out during the cold weather season:

1. Turn Down The Heat:

Did you know that the hot air coming out of the heater can dry and tighten your skin? Save yourself some money and lower the heat to about 69 degrees which is the temperature that most doctors recommend your house should be if you have a baby. If you’re still cold then try to invest in some wool socks and a soft cuddly sweater.

2. Alcohol Based Skin Care Products:

It is imperative that we stay away from alcohol based skin care products. There is something so refreshing about the skin feels after it has been used, but it is only going to dry the skin more. Skin that is already suffering from winter damage should not be exposed unnecessarily to products that will only worsen the situation.

3. Revamp Your Skin Care Regimen:

Your basic skin care routine should get an overhaul when the temperature outside starts to drop. Limit your time in the shower, and bathe in warm rather than hot water, since hot water can strip your skin of moisture. Use a body wash instead of bar soap, which can often be too harsh; pat, don’t rub, yourself dry; and apply a moisturizer liberally when the skin is still moist.

4. Remember to Use Sun Protection:

Even though it is cold and overcast, your skin is still vulnerable to damage from the sun’s UV rays. Apply a moisturizing broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 on any part of your skin that is exposed to the elements. This will not only protect your skin from chafing and drying, but also protect against the winter sun, which can still cause sun damage and burns.

5. Moisturize

Moisturize frequently. Moisturize when you get out of the shower, before you go to bed, after every hand wash moisturize. If possible try to find a thickly based lotion; it does make a difference. Doing so will not only help the dry skin, but also it will even feel good.

6. Exfoliate:

Do so weekly, and scrub the whole body. This will help in the removal of dry skin keeping it smooth. Every household should be equipped with a loofa already. If not they are easy to come by. Typically, they can be found at a local drugstore.

7. Eat, Drink And Be Merry

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, lean protein and low fat dairy is essential to having great skin. You should also be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Water is an integral part of your diet because it hydrates your skin and delivers nutrients to all of your organs. All of your hard work will pay off when you see how great your skin looks and feels.

One of the worst problems to experience in the winter is dry and cracked skin on the feet. You should take special care with your natural skincare regimen and make sure you take the time to moisturize your feet, especially if they have been in wet shoes all day. You may also want a good exfoliant to help get rid of the dead skin cells, as this can help prevent the cracking and peeling.

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