Acne Treatment For Combination Skin

Combination is when part of your skin is oily, while the rest is dry. The oily part is usually the T-zone or the areas of the forehead, chin and nose; while the cheeks are usually dry. The problem with this type of skin is that a single cure will not suffice. Combination skin type usually entails combined skin-care procedures and acne treatments.

People who have combination skin usually have pimples on their T-zone; this, being the part that produces too much oil. In dealing with pimples in combination skin, having patience is as important as choosing the right cure since treating breakouts in this type of skin is not as straightforward as in other types. The first thing to be concerned about when you have combination skin is basic maintenance.

People with combination skin suffer the problem of having two different skin types. If left untreated this means that the drier areas will probably develop subcutaneous nodules while the oily T-zone can develop pimples. Also, acne treatment for each type of skin varies making global treatment a bit more complicated.

Looking at these characteristics of combination skin, it can be said that dealing with combination skin can be very difficult as certain areas of the face are oily while others are dry and hence require different treatments. On top of that if a person suffers from combination skin acne, it can make combination skin care quite a hassle.

Acne Treatment for Combination Skin:

Use a Gel-based Cleanser:

People with combination skin acne usually have an extremely oily skin on the forehead, chin and nose, so in order to get rid of the excess oil, they should invest in a good quality gel based cleanser which removes the excess oil from the skin. Using astringents, if the skin is excessively oily, helps too.

Apply Topical Creams:

Regular application of skin creams, especially those which contain benzoyl peroxide, help in eliminating the bacteria present on the skin which can otherwise cause acne to develop. Such creams should be applied on the affected skin areas twice a day to get rid of combination skin acne.

Hypoallergenic Soap:

A good acne treatment for combination skin is to use soap intended for sensitive skin. Never use bar soaps. A clear, gel soap used daily will remove oils from the oily patches without drying out the dry areas. Do not use exfoliants or scrub too hard on your skin. Use warm water, not hot. Do this twice a day for better looking skin.

Benzoyl Peroxide:

This acne treatment comes in an effective cream that dries up acne. Combination skin types should use a benzoyl cream with a 2.5 percent concentration to keep skin from becoming overly dry. Dab the benzoyl cream on the breakouts and smooth it on your face. Do this twice a day.

Oil-Free Moisturizer:

A moisturizer may be the last thing you think you need, but your dry patches need help. Pick an oil free lotion for your face. After washing your skin, pat it dry. Apply oil-free moisturizer to your skin to sooth dryness. Pat away any excess moisturizer with a clean towel.

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