Natural Skin Care: Best Tips For Your Glowing Skin

The skin is a major organ of excretion. So taking care of the skin helps you to have a velvety soft skin. The old saying goes like this “Prevention is better than cure”. So it is better to take care of your skin rather than treating it after a problem occurs. All you have to do is to lead a healthy life style which will definitely reflect on your skin. Keep your skin clean. A clean skin is a healthy skin. The most common problem among teens is acne.

Taking care of your skin is the first step towards your beauty care. Face skin needs special attention. Pollution, sun-rays and stress of work, all combine to ruin your skin and leads to many skin problems. So, your skin needs regular care to rejuvenate, tighten your skin and for removing wastes, impurities and dead and dull cells of skin. Many skin care products are available in the market which make you look and feel healthy and gives you a more comfortable appearance.

Skin cleansing is very much essential, because pollution, grease and grime cling to the skin, clogging pores, while the body eliminates toxins through perspiration. If the cleansing process is not thoroughly undertaken, the skin will look and feel sluggish, tired and minor skin problems and irritations will transpire.

Everyone wants to look beautiful, and most people are willing to spend plenty of money achieving it even though the truest beauty is natural. Forget hours under a dermatologist’s care, expensive skin care treatments or painful cosmetic surgery: The following ten tips can help bring out your inner beauty easily and inexpensively.

Skin Care and Different Factors in Your Daily Routine:

Explore the methods to keep up a skin that ever lasts for your life by different ways. For example, proper diet is giving major importance to the shine of skin. A diet for blemish-prone skin must be consistently high in protein and fresh raw fruit and vegetables. There are some regulations to observe in the diet.

Although intense exposure to the sun can produce symptoms of aging and can even predispose it to cancer, constant little exposure to sun light in your day’s schedule is important to rejuvenate your skin.

The most damaging effect of the sun is that it dehydrates the skin causing it to become dry and rough and wrinkled, freckles, pigmentation and patches may also occur. An immediate reaction is expansion of blood vessels that is why skin looks flushed, red and gets tanned if stayed out in the sun for long. However sun is very good for children, as they require Vitamin D, which is abundant in sunlight for their growth and metabolism.

There are special tips to follow, to prevent your skin from Anti aging. Your skin in addition sometimes needs facial treatments and look out for the fabulous facial treatments. Do not forget to sense that the skin on your eyes, are also in need of special and unique care.

Skin Cleansing Practices:

Cleansing your skin should be part of the daily routine. As soon as you wake up early in the morning, before returning to bed, before using special treatments like facials etc., before and after your makeup cleansing is much-required factor for your skin to look younger.


It is important to help the skin renewal process by removing dead skin cells. Exfoliate at least twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells. Care should be taken if you have broken capillaries/surface veins.


Moisturizing helps to protect your skin from daily pollutants. Moisturizing morning and evening with a natural moisturizer will hydrate, moisturize and protect your skin. For a moisturizing and nourishing mask, blend a mashed banana with white cosmetic clay and apply.

Drink More Water:

It’s easy to forget, especially in cooler weather, that the human body is roughly 90% water and plenty of water is needed to keep the skin and other tissues healthy. Two of the first signs of dehydration are headaches and dry skin. It’s a good idea to keep a bottle or glass of water handy and sip from it throughout the day.

Take Off the Makeup and Let Your Skin Breathe:
The skin excretes more toxins than any other organ in the human body – by osmosis. Every cell of the skin virtually breathes. Complete women’s makeup creates a layer against the skin that can trap dirt, sweat, and toxins coming out of the pores. Is it any wonder that women who wear the heaviest cosmetics often have the worst skin underneath? Do your skin a favor and try going makeup-free for a day or two.

Nourish Your Skin from the Outside with Natural Oils:

Giving your skin a moisturizing boost can help a lot in cold or dry climates. Almond, coconut, avocado or extra virgin olive oil work brilliantly as part of a facial oil cleanse or rubbed on after a shower to restore skin’s moisture.

Do Something You Love Every Day:

Happy people glow with an inner radiance. Taking a moment (or several) to do something you love fulfills inner needs and brings out your joy, relaxation, and the beauty within at least as important as anything else you might do to create smooth, radiant skin.

Natural Skin Care Tips:

  1. Avoid excessive exposure to sun. Stay protected from the sun to prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated and the damaging effects of UV rays on the skin. It may result in sunburn. Read the sunburn symptoms. You may also develop sun poisoning symptoms.
  2. Avoid excessive use of cosmetics. Health experts say that excessive usage of cosmetics by children enhances their risk to various types of cancer and other problems later in life. Most of cosmetic products use potentially dangerous chemicals like parabens and phthalates. The parabens chemical have been recently found in breast cancer tissues. This chemical can affect the hormone oestrogen. The phthalates are linked to lower sperm counts in men, premature breast development and allergies.
  3. Regular sleep gives our body the chance to work on repairing cells.
  4. Regular Exercising and massage stimulates circulation and blood flow.
  5. Drinking eight glasses of water a day keeps skin plump, hydrated and healthy. The body is composed of 70% water. Well hydrated skin is healthy and young looking.
  6. Take only warm showers and stay away from prolonged sauna exposure.
  7. Before you go in the swimming pool, rub Vaseline with a few drops of lavender essential oil added, on your body to protect the skin from the harmful effects of chlorine.
  8. Eat a balanced diet, avoid foods high in fat, cholesterol and sodium.
  9. Follow an anti-aging diet rich in fruits and green leafy vegetables that are full of natural antioxidants. Antioxidants help prevent free-radical damage to the body. If you do not get enough antioxidants from your diet, then your skin cells could lose their ability to function well.
  10. The antioxidants include ingredients such as vitamins A, C and E, flavonoids, beta carotene, selenium, glutathione and zinc. Eat foods high in antioxidants.

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