Blackhead Acne Treatment With Home Remedies

Often known as open comedones, blackheads are formed from follicles with wider openings than normal. They are filled with sebum and dead skin cells. However, the difference between these stores of sebum and dead skin cells is that they have undergone melanin oxidation, resulting in a black color.

People with oily skin and combination skin are more susceptible to blackheads than others. The good news is that blackheads are possible to treat and cure. A type of acne vulgaris, blackheads are best treated by removing the causes: getting rid of sebum and dead skin cells from the pores of your skin.

Blackheads can be treated many ways. Unfortunately the drug industry has peddled so many chemical solutions products that sometimes it is hard to know which one is right. There have also been some crazy and wacky ideas of blackhead treatments. Which one is right? To answer this we must first know what causes such breakouts.

How Do Blackheads Develop?

The exact cause of Acne is unknown, However many doctors and scientists believe that they result from several related factors.

One main factor is the increased productions of androgen (male hormones) in both boys and girls during puberty.

These hormones in turn cause the sebaceous glands to enlarge and produce more sebum (oil). The oil is secreted to the surface of your skin through tiny pores. Acne is the direct result if these pores become clogged with dead skin and infected by bacteria.

Blackhead Acne Home Remedies:

  1. Use a mild scrub to exfoliate your skin.
  2. Apply benzol peroxide to the blackhead prone areas.
  3. Making sure you drink 6 to 8 glasses of water each day helps battle blackheads from the inside out, hydrates the body which prevents drying, and it prevents the build up of bacteria and sebum.
  4. Since this can happen to anyone, what you choose to eat or drink can play a big part in your situation. Let’s look at fast food. Avoiding fast food as much as possible can reduce your intake of sugars that are found in sodas, and starches, such as French fries.
  5. Apply the bentonite/vinegar mask.
  6. Bentonite is a powerful “toxin sponge”. It attracts and literally “sucks” toxins and impurities out of your skin. It’s been used for ages as both an external and an internal purifier.
  7. Add a few tablespoons of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay to a bowl. Then slowly add and mix in the apple cider vinegar until you get a smooth pasty consistency. The vinegar and bentonite will foam a bit when you first combine them, but the foaming will subside quickly.
  8. Cover your face with a thin layer of the clay.
  9. Apply egg whites, aloe vera, and healing essential oils.
  10. Mix an egg white with aloe vera gel and a few drops of lavender essential oil.
  11. For aloe vera gel, get as pure as you can. This is the best, and purest gel I’ve found for this purpose.
  12. Lavendin is a natural cross-pollination of pure lavender and spike lavender and it works well for this blackhead remedy.
  13. The benzol peroxide helps to soften the blackheads with the oxygen it contains.
  14. The bentonite and apple cider mask is a toxins sponge for your skin. It attracts and removes toxins in your skin. The mask is also a great exfoliate. It will naturally and gently exfoliate any skin the benzol peroxide dries out.
  15. Egg whites cause the pores to tighten and the aloe vera has a soothing and anti-biotic effect on the skin. The lavender is very healing for the skin.

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