Top 8 Things to Not Do with Your Pimple

You can find a ton of information on things you should do to prevent or cure pimple but when you already have acne you need to figure out how to help alleviate and get rid of it fast. Below, I am going to give you eight things to not do with your pimple. If you find that you are doing some of these things, then obviously, you will need to change those habits.

8 Things to Not Do with Your Pimple

Here are top 8 things you should not do when you have pimple.

  1. Touch your face as little as possible when you have acne. Your hands and fingers attract a lot of dirt and the last thing you need to be doing is touching your fast with dirty fingers and further irritating your skin.
  2. You should wash your face once in the morning and once during the evening. If you have oily face, then you have to wash your face at least two times a day.
  3. Using excessive make up will only make that face worse. I am sure you will look good even if you do not have all of that make up on your face.
  4. Do not use harsh soaps or chemicals on your face. You should test out and try to use a very mild soap and stick to using one brand of soap so that your face gets used to it. Try not to switch soaps or perfumes, lotions to often because these things may also irritate the skin.
  5. Many believe that more is better, but this is not necessarily true. There are cases where overdoing medication and products could make your skin even worse.
  6. Drinking alcohol is also a no no when it comes to trying to cure acne. The alcohol drys out your pores and causes the acne to stay longer than it has to. Stay away from the alcohol during an acne outbreak.
  7. This is one of those things you should not do. You should pay attention to your general state of health. You should employ a healthy, balanced diet.
  8. Amongst every list of things to not do with your pimple, you will always see this one. Oily foods are something you should avoid. This is because oily food could cause your body to produce more natural body oil or sebum. Instead, I believe a good move would be replacing that oily food with fruits and vegetables.

I hope you follow these tips as they can help assist you in a speedy recovery from an acne outbreaks you may have. Good luck!

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