Fruits and Vegetables For Skin Beauty

Fruits and vegetables: one of the most widely available sources of energy on this planet. These sources, when consumed appropriately can be of immense help in enhancing an individual’s beauty. The raw food diet is most certainly about beauty: the beauty of nature, the beauty of health, and the beauty of body, mind and soul.

When choosing what to eat, go for foods that most closely resemble foods found in the wild. These foods will contain more minerals and stronger life energy. Many fruits and vegetables today are hybrids and have been genetically modified to be low in nutrition and high in sugar.

The fruits and vegetables should be taken in different varieties since some help in gaining and lose of weight. Raw food majority contain more minerals and stronger life energy. Some fruits which help in enhancing beauty are; fresh summer fruits such as peaches, plums and nectarines. They are good sources of antioxidants and other phynonutrients. Antioxidants are essential for protecting skin from damaging ultraviolet rays and they are more effective when more than one is present.

Fruits and Vegetables For Skin


Peaches are highly emollient and perfect for dry skin types. Mash a fresh peach and combine with a tablespoon of plain yogurt to make a smooth paste. Apply on the skin and leave it on for 20 mins and then rinse off with warm water. Your skin will feel moisturized and supple to the touch.


Banana is a great emollient for your skin and hair. They are rich in protein and natural fats and can be used on all skin types. An easy face mask that will make your skin supple is to apply mashed banana all over your skin and leave it on for 2o minutes, rinse off with warm water and moisturize after that. Mashed banana also makes a wonderful hair conditioner when mixed with a 1 tablespoon of honey. Perfect for keeping hair beautiful even if dyed regularly.


Apples are a great conditioner and toner for your skin. They have amazing skin-healing powers and have been used as a beauty aid for centuries. Add a cup of apple juice to your bath to cleanse and soften your skin. The juice of apple can be used as a breathe freshener too. Apple juice when applied to your hair scalp can prevent dandruff. Use as a final rinse after shampooing your hair. Also, remember, apples are filled with pectin essential for fighting the dreaded acne.


Grapes have various vitamins other than glucose and fructose. These enhance the action of skin cells, are good for reviving skin and have detoxification effects.


Tomatoes have lots of pectin, a vegetable fiber. They help blood circulation, which is vital for a good complexion. Apply the pulp of a tomato liberally to the face and leave for an hour. Then wash off with warm water. Repeating this daily produces a good complexion and quickly removes ugly-looking pimples.


Cucumber is a surprising beauty secret for the skin, with its hydrating, nourishing and astringent properties. Cucumbers have the same PH as the skin so they help restore the skin’s protective and natural acid mantle. Grate or blend a cucumber. Apply this over the face, eyes and neck for 15 to 20 minutes. It is a great tonic for the facial skin and regular use prevents pimples, blackheads, wrinkles, and dryness of the face. By applying cucumber slices onto your skin, you can have soothed, smoothed and cooled skin.


Lemons are the most popular home beauty ingredient. People preferred using lemons to cleanse and freshen the skin and hair. A few lemon slices to soften rough skin spots such as elbows and heels. Lemons can be a very powerful deodorizer, just simply mix a few teaspoons of lemon juice in your bath and you will feel fresh the whole day. Lemon juice can be added to your favorite cleanser or shampoo to refresh and tone your scalp, as well as prevent dandruff.

Here one can see the various benefits of eating fruits and vegetables in their natural form. It is easy to consume food to satiate ones hunger. But to satiate ones hunger for beauty is what no-one does.

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