Top 8 Most Common and Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

Many people, in a desperate attempt to lose weight, switch to healthy eating plan and high intensity exercises. Unfortunately, even after few months of continuing with this weight loss plan, the scale refuses to budge. What could possibly go wrong with their weight loss plan? Health experts opine that if you are unsuccessful with your weight loss targets, there are high chances that you have been making certain common mistakes.

People who resort to using weight loss pills to shed there excess fat only risk long term health challenges. Using weight loss pills with the hope of a quick overnight solution to obesity is one of the most common weight loss mistakes you should avoid.

Common Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

It’s far better to work with your body and for overall health rather than to try to break the rules by finding that mythical quick fix. Here are some common weight loss mistakes that you should always avoid.

1. Eating Late at Night:

Eating late at night is one of the biggest weight loss mistakes ever made. Sure, some weight loss solutions claim that it doesn’t matter what time of day or night you eat, so long as it’s the ‘right’ meal choice. This is simply not true. The body slows down at night, as well as your metabolism. In reality, you may be eating the right things, but your body isn’t breaking down fat and burning off calories as it should.

2. Falling For A Miracle Diet:

Have you ever run into a friend you haven’t seen in a long time only to be surprised by a dramatic weight loss? Many of us fall for miracle diets when we see or hear of someone who has tried it and succeeded in losing a ton of weight.  Unfortunately while many fad diets do work initially, keeping the weight off is another story. If you are trying to fit into a dress for a wedding in two weeks, a miracle diet might work for you. Long term success is more a change in lifestyle than a miracle cure.

3. Avoid Skipping Meals to Cut Calories:

For quick weight loss, many people prefer to skip meals so that fewer calories are consumed. Unfortunately, your weight loss strategy may backfire. Milton Stokes, nutrition counselor opines that those who skip meals for reducing calories overeat later and may end up eating more calories than what were recommended.

4. Too Much Exercise:

On the other hand, don’t become obsessed with exercise that it begins to rule your life. Over training is as detrimental to achieving fitness goals as doing nothing at all. Common signs of over training include overuse injuries, insomnia, fatigue, prolonged recovery from workouts, and general disinterest in exercise. Rest and recovery are vital for achieving gains and preventing burnout.

5. Not Building Enough Muscle

While it’s very important to maintain an active lifestyle when you are trying to lose weight, it’s important to remember that strength training is just as important as cardiovescular exercises that burn calories. Muscle also burns calories, even after your workouts.

All weight loss solutions require exercise to maintain a healthy weight. So, instead of focusing on burning those calories, try balancing your focus on building muscle as well.

6. Comparing Yourself with Others:

It is important to understand that everyone is different and what works for your best friend may not work for you. Losing weight, especially for individuals who are overweight or obese is a long process which will include many ups and downs.  While it may take you longer to see the results you wish for, eventually your hard work will pay off in not only a healthier, more trim body but the other benefits you gain from eating right and exercising.

7. Fail to Plan:

It’s been said over and over: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Working out without a pre-determined workout regime is similar to going on a trip without directions; most likely you’ll end up getting lost. Don’t make this common mistake.

Enlist the aid of a qualified personal trainer to design a proper resistance training and aerobic program. Purchase one of the many guides to fitness programming and educate yourself on the basics.

8. Eat a Healthy Diet:

your relationship with food is probably the most difficult thing to handle when it comes to fast weight loss. You know that you need to eat and that starvation is not the way to go. Yet you might be tempted to skip a meal here and there, or you might want to rely on so called fat-free foods to make things easier.

One of the most common mistakes is not getting proper nutrition in an attempt to cut down on calories. No matter what your current situation, food will always be your fuel and in many cases you might have to eat more to keep up with increased exercise rates.

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