How to Convert Your Home Office into a Nursery

The first few years of a child’s life can be expensive to new parents, and deciding to upgrade apartments to accommodate the baby might be too much. Before you look for a place with more space, check your current home and see if there are opportunities you can take advantage of. Staying with an affordable rent scheme, especially one you are familiar with, can help you put away money for the future.

Here are the ways you can put together your nursery:

Purchase the necessary furniture

Taking care of a baby does not have to be very expensive. After you get a crib and stroller, everything else, like the changing table, is optional. Purchase your furniture with your experience and space in mind.

If you want to make it a hybrid room with the nursery on one side and an office on the other, you might want to add a recliner or couch along with a bookcase to divide the room. These pieces can be useful in the future. A recliner or chair can help by giving you a space to feed your child, from the breast or the bottle. You can also have a lamp with a soft light for putting the baby to sleep.

After you purchase your furniture, have them bolted to the floor. Boisterous playing when the child is older can make cabinets, drawers, bookcases, and similar furniture, dangerous when toppled. Avoid purchasing furniture with sharp edges, and in cases where you have no option, baby-proof them.

Upgrade the space

Converting the room to a nursery is an opportunity for you to make changes to the space that can be useful after the baby grows. Kill two birds with one stone by having waterproof flooring and new blinds installed. The waterproof floors make it easy to clean any baby-related mess and you can opt for a rug or mat for the baby’s crawling, which can be replaced and washed when needed. You can also add floating shelves if you are against purchasing and bolting down a bookcase. You can also invest in soundproofing the room if it has not been done already, as it keeps the baby and your neighbours from being disturbed. 

Decide early on how what you want from the space because when the baby arrives, you will not have the time to consider your options. The rush to create a habitable space can lead to poorly designed choices. It saves time, money, and energy when you make a decision as soon as possible.

Keep all baby-related items together

After you have upgraded the space, remove the scattered baby items from your bedroom or storage and keep them in the nursery. It will help to maintain an inventory of what you received as gifts, and you can make judgements about what you need to borrow or buy. Do not trust your memory for this on the off chance that you are wrong.

Your home office can make its way to your bedroom or your living room. Keep the sectioning principle in mind, and you should be able to use any area of the house. You do not have to move home to accommodate the new member of the family.

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