Why Influencers Over Marketing Agency?

Let’s face it that the so-called influencers are changing the fashion and beauty industry’s spectrum in very many ways. They attract a huge junk of following on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. All that is done regarding consumer attention and affection. Without a doubt, consumers are attracted to the packages of photos and videos from influencers, unlike traditional agency marketing such as running TV commercials. The trustworthiness of celebrities pitching beauty products has reduced greatly.

Before, people would watch celebrities while they do runways and flip through magazines, and do makeup ads. However, such promotion methods have lost traction in many ways, especially to the younger generation of consumers who have been into social media usage. People nowadays are into things that can be experienced right from the fingertips or right from a button’s touch on a computer. The feeling of cosmetics influencer responding to personal questions has greatly revolutionized the cosmetic industry in multiple ways

The drastic change has been a challenge to some longtime stakeholders in the beauty industry and hence triggered big players to change the tact of making their products known to people worldwide. Players who have partnered with influencers are much more advanced in the game of making their products known. Many established brands are losing credibility since there is a widespread disruption in how direct-to-consumer brands have positioned themselves for greatness and the audience market. 

Clients Tend to Give Influencer A Listening Ear

A whopping percentage of women follow beauty influencers on various social media platforms and seek peer-review knowledge before purchasing any products whatsoever. Most women who are the major consumers of cosmetics while evaluating the beauty product they are to buy are said to trust third-party product reviews, which are now influencers, unlike company ads running on TV commercials. Influencer marketing sways in great ways purchasing decisions. 

Influencers Mindset Resonate with That of Clients

A spot check at what most people view on social media when it comes to beauty, many will attest to the use of Instagram. The use of Instagram is by far the simplest, with the capacity to put photos and short videos that can gain reach to multiple followers. Equally, an influencer can respond to people’s comments in real-time and hence a back-and-forth communication. 

Influencers Are Considered Friends

Women who are the greatest players here say that influencers are like friends to them. They say that influencer posts about the makeups and will go a notch further to provide a glimpse at what their personal lives entail, clothes they wear, food, kids, among other details. In that way, the bond between the consumers continues to grow, and through the constant conversations, the influencers are involved in their daily lives. 

The above lessons are very useful in the alinement of various beauty brands who need to bring onboard cosmetics influencers. Also, the need to figure out the best social media alternative to attract the best batch of an audience at all times. Above all, authenticity is very key!

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