Rooster Home Decor Ideas

Rooster is a very common farm fowl, which in many ways symbolizes the rural or the country side. Not only does its brilliant plumage attraction your attention, if you are staying in a farm house or the country side not a single day goes by without hearing its morning crowing signaling the dawn of a new day.

It is a very ancient farm fowl that has been through the ages come to mean different things to different people. There are as many symbolic meanings of the fowl as there are colors on its plumes. To the ancient Greeks its morning crowing symbolized the victory over the night. In many cultures it was a solar symbol or a sign of illumination.

On the other hand, for the Nordic and Celtic people it symbolized the underworld. Till today in mythology the rooster is seen on the weather vane and given many symbolic meanings, one of them being representation of Christ’s passion.

In modern times the rooster is seen as symbol of life lived in the countryside in the past. This symbol is now being used ingeniously as motif on which houses and homes are being designed. Today to enjoy a country side flavor, you need not transport yourself to a rural outpost. Home designers can give you the same flavor right in your own home; no matter where it is in a big city or a small town. If you have the right materials you can create wonderful imitations of the old world as it used to be.

Rooster Home Decor Tips

If you want to decorate your home with rooster as the motif, you will need some help if you haven’t done any decorations before. A few tips always come in handy. So read the tips given below and catch up with those who already have a rooster home decor.

  • Firstly, buy a rooster home decor from any one of the many home decor stores. They will surely have rooster home decor. You must have a rooster home decor to decorate your house.
  • Kitchen is at the heart of all domestic activities. So it will be best if you start with the kitchen. Take some items from the rooster decor set and put them where you want. Having put them take a critical look at what you have done. If you are pleased with what you have done make the colors of the decor go with the colors in the kitchen. If your kitchen does not have the colors to match a rooster decor then have it repainted. The colors that will best give a rooster decor are tan or soft brown color.
  • The living room should be the next target in your list. You will find decorating the living room comparatively easy, since it happens to be bigger than other rooms in a house. A big room gives you a lot of freedom to choose colors and items. However, at first try to generate a theme by sticking to wall decorations. If you like the themes then go over to other areas.
  • Make sure you do not get carried away by the theme as then you are likely to clutter the rooms with too many items. This is likely to make the room overcrowded and the room will look smaller and unattractive. You must aim to keep things simple. In order to achieve simplicity you must stick to the basics.
  • Rooster towels in the bathroom will make your home that much more charming. There are rooster wall papers that can enliven any room. Nothing could better enhance the rooster home decor than a rooster wooden clock in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or the foyer.

You’ll also want to see how various accessories, dinnerware, pieces of furniture, rugs, lamps and other elements are blended together in other designs and themes like grape, Italian, Tuscan, cottage, country and others. You could either pore over catalogs or check out all the design resources online. Doing so will most likely give you lots of very good ideas about designing kitchens and eventually, you may become a specialist yourself.

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