How To Hide A Pimple on Your Face

The pimple is the disdain of everyone who tries to look natural and free of makeup. It is something that follows you through life. And no matter what you try to do, sometimes concealer doesn’t do a good enough job alone to cover it up. It’s time to kiss those days goodbye. Although we all know less is best when it comes to makeup for acne-prone skin, there are times when you feel the need to conceal your breakouts. Worry no more. By following these steps you can hide the pimple and face the world.

The Best Ways on Hide The Pimples

  1. Apply a small amount of the concealer to the pimple. Do this by using another cotton swab, sponge or small makeup brush that allows you to control the application.
  2. Allow the concealer to dry, and then blend the edges of the concealer with a cosmetic sponge or cotton swab. Alternatively you can use a makeup brush with a tiny dab of concealer on it to paint out the edges. The point here is to soften the edges and make them less obvious.
  3. Create a nice base. Apply some tinted moisturizer in a color that matches your skin tone. Blend into neck and hairline and make sure it matches your neck and face color.
  4. Apply concealer in your skin tone. Dot concealer over any areas covered by the green concealer. Concealers in pots or tubes give better coverage than stick-type concealer. Pat gently to blend.
  5. Mix a teaspoon of sandalwood powder and rose water. Apply on the pimple and leave it for 20 minutes. After washing, use Visine eye drops over it to reduce the redness. Press an ice cube against the pimple for 20 minutes. This will significantly reduce the size of the pimple in 2 hours.
  6. Avoid letting hot water hit the pimple, because this can redden and inflame it more. Instead, apply a cool, damp washcloth to the pimple to help reduce redness.
  7. Sleep at the right time. This will help you to remove stress and it relaxes your body.
  8. Finishing touch: If you still feel like you need some coverage, add a second layer of your flesh-toned concealer, but avoid another powder layer to avoid looking cakey.

Drink lots of water to get rid of toxins from your body because they are the real pimple culprits. Try to keep your fingers away from your face, especially the pimple, as much as possible, else you may be introducing new germs to it, causing an inflammation.

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