20+ Creative High Speed Photography

The spirit of photography is in the capturing of a moment. Life can move quickly sometimes “passing by in a blur” and we enjoy the possibility of freezing memories and keeping them for later reminiscence.

High Speed Photography

What about the moments in time that pass far too quickly for us to record?

  • Moments that we can’t take pictures of with a regular, point-and-shoot camera or even see with the naked eye?
  • If you tried to take a picture of a bullet whizzing by, chances are you’d come away with nothing but the background.
  • Similarly, if you wanted to use your digital camera to capture a hummingbird flapping its wings in mid-flight,
  • Or, the bird’s wings would look like a large, triangular blur on your photograph.

In a blink of the eye, a lot can happen. A lot of astonishing things happen in a split of a second, but they are moving too quickly for us to see. High speed photography is the art of photographing a rapidly occurring event.

Creative High Speed Photography Images

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