Anja Rubik Sailor Femininity for Vogue Korea June 2010

{YBA} Anja Rubik in a sailor look is charming and cute. I must say, she has driven the fashion wheel in a stylish, elegant and incredible momentum by holding femininity in a perfect balance. She has presented a prefect package of sailor style along with must-have trendy accessories.

Following Gisele Bundchen as a military girl in Vogue Korea May 2010, Anja Rubik graces June 2010 issue (editorial and cover) sporting a sailor look. And if Gisele oozed fierce sexuality, Anja looks sexy in a feminine way.

The supermodel is wearing signature blue stripes and cute swimsuits. But what really looks attractive to me is the dark blue handbag with a chain handle!

Summer look, sultry style and romantic vision of Anja Rubik in Vogue Korea June 2010, all are assembled in professional, technical and awesome manner. Good work by photographer Nagi Sakai.

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