Top 10 Perfectly Healthy Hair Care Tips in Pregnancy

Pregnancy changes many things about the body, including the hair. The changes and challenges each woman experiences with her hair are unique. Some of these changes, such as improved thickness and growth, are beneficial and others can be frustrating. As the hair changes, some adjustments in your hair care routine may be needed.

Looking beautiful and enjoy hair care tips, go hand in hand during pregnancy. Pregnant women are known for the beautiful light they radiate. So just because your body may be going through many unexpected changes, wearing beautiful in this whole process is still possible. The tips of hair care, use of pregnant women may serve only to improve your health and beauty in general.

Hair Care Tips During Pregnancy

Some hair growth perfect tips which you can try as a solution for hair loss during pregnancy:

  1. Massage your hair with warm oil and leave it for a few minutes. Give it a hot towel wrap. This will allow the hair to absorb the oil in to the scalp and strengthen the roots.
  2. A natural and effective hair growth home remedy is to crush and produce lettuce and spinach juice and mix equal quantities of them in a glass and drink this. You can drink this every morning before taking your breakfast. Often women with improper pregnant women diet with deficiency of iron and zinc causes the loss of hair. Have eggs, cereals, nuts, pulses, lean meat and whole grains which are extremely high in both iron and zinc and can help you reduce the hair loss problem.
  3. A natural hair mask treatment requires melons, bananas, jojoba oil and virgin olive oil. Mix everything together and add some almond oil to it. Apply the mixture well all over your hair and especially on the roots. This mixture works wonderfully well and ensures a no hair loss during your pregnancy.
  4. Lack of certain vitamin and mineral in the body can also lead to hair loss during pregnancy. Eat foods that are rich in anti oxidants that nourish the hair follicles.
  5. Combs, brushes, shampoos and conditioners should be correctly chosen according to your needs. Try not to stress your hair too much by tying tight pony tails or using blow dryers and changing hairstyles frequently.
  6. Pregnancy takes you through stressful periods. To beat the blues go for hair massages. You can give yourself a massage or visit the salon occasionally and gift yourself a good massage sitting.
  7. Women often prefer to go for short haircuts during pregnancy as they do not want to spend much time for their hair. You can try out new cuts like a layered bob and be glamorous.
  8. Yoga and other meditation techniques should be made use of during pregnancy as it relaxes both the body and mind.
  9. Same holds true for hair treatments like perming or straightening. Since the hair changes its texture during pregnancy, so it may not respond to the treatments as desired.
  10. Another natural therapy is made from aloe vera. Mix about one teaspoon of aloe vera juice with a mixture of wheat germ oil and coconut milk. Use this mixture to wash your hair every alternate day. This is going to check your hair loss problem.
Exercising, plenty of rests along with simple hair care tips will help you to show off your baby bump along with lustrous hair. Find easy ways to keep hair looking great, it’s a way to get the maximum performance from their appearance during pregnancy.

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