Bracelets For A Cause of Remembering and Caring

{YBA} A beautiful object is always more special in your life when it has an exceptional story behind it – such is the case with Same Sky bracelets. Not your average beaded accessory, they are each made of 165-180 blown glass orbs crocheted together by an artisan woman in Rwanda.

These women – survivors of the 1994 genocide – work together in a collective, share stories, empower each other, and make their living producing jewelry. Each stunning bracelet represents one woman’s fight for survival and prosperity – these are gifts that truly give back.

Bracelets given from one friend to another as a symbol of friendship. Mostely are handmade and usually made out of embroidery floss or thread. And famous and most expensive are in Diamond Bracelets, Gold Bracelets,

Silicone Bracelets, Leather Bracelets,  Beaded Bracelets, Charm Bracelets, Prada Bracelets, Pandora Jewelry Bracelets, Tanishq Jewelry Bracelets, De-Damas jewelry Bracelets, ARY gold’s Bracelets, and many more designers of Bracelets.

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