Coordinate Your Clothing with Your Eye Color

Many men and women have beautiful eyes, but they don’t know how to emphasize them. They may not know that what they wear can influence how well their eye color shows.

This article can tell you which colors to wear to bring out your eyes, whether you’re out on the town or going to lunch at work.

For Brown Eyes

The predominant eye color in the world is brown. Approximately 79 percent of everyone on the planet is born with varying shades of brown eyes. The rest of the population has blue, hazel, or green eyes and a few other rare colors.

If you want people to notice your eyes, then try wearing brown, dark red or blue. If you have dark brown eyes, then a darker red color, like maroon or burgundy can help make them more noticeable.

For people with light brown eyes, they should try light shades of blue like cyan or cornflower.

Are Your Eyes Blue?

People with blue eyes have several colors from which to choose when they want to bring attention to their eyes. However, the colors often depend on the shade of their eyes. If you have dark blue eyes, then wear blue clothing.

Choose light blue colors; the blue of a robin’s egg will emphasize them, as will faded denim. Those with light blue eyes should consider wearing rosy red or any shade of pink. Lemon yellow, pumpkin, and gold are also good for bringing out the hues of a person’s blue eyes.

What Color is Hazel?

Hazel eyes are a combination of brown and green, which is why they will sometimes look brown or gold and sometimes green. The determining factor for eye color is the amount of melanin in the front layer of the iris.

People with hazel eyes have medium melanin, which makes their eyes less than green and a little more than brown.

If you want toemphasize your unique eye color, wear brown or gray to bring it out. For corrective lenses, try to find enhancement contact lenses online to boost your eye color.

The Rarest of Them All

Many people consider green to be the rarest eye color on earth, only about two percent of people have them, but those with amber or violet eyes may dispute that fact. While they are rare, they exist in a small percentage of the world’s population.

Red/Violet eyes are probably the rarest because the color doesn’t appear unless the level of melanin is very low. Low melanin levels allow the color of the blood vessels in the eyes to shine through in the light. If you have these rare eye colors, try wearing these colors:

  • Blues and greens will draw attention to green eyes
  • Purple and rosy colors are good for green too
  • Purple shades will help bring out amber eyes too
  • Yellow or orange colors are good for amber eyes that are light golden brown
  • Darker colors will show off violet eyes because these eyes tend to be light

Many people will notice your beautiful eyes without needing to wear certain colors to bring them out. However, if you want to impress someone special, then find out your eye color and the best colors for clothing to wear to get people’s attention.

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