How to Wear ‘Cashmere Rose’ – One of Pantone’s Hot Colors for Fall 2015

Every season, color institute Pantone releases a palette of colors that are designed to encapsulate the fashion shades for that season. These colors end up everywhere – from menswear and women’s wear to interior furnishings and paint – and are decided and previewed well in advance. The palette Pantone has unveiled for fall 2015 features ten beautiful hues, and has been named ‘An Evolving Color Landscape’. It features a collection of neutrals and brights that is sure to be fun to wear, and which can be worn in all kinds of combinations to get a sophisticated look that is completely on trend for this fall.

Here, we are going to take a look at one of these ten colors – Cashmere Rose – and how to wear it right for fall 2015.

What Is ‘Cashmere Rose’?

Cashmere Rose is a rich, soft pink which aims to evoke the style of the 1960’s while remaining very modern. It is pretty and feminine, but not so pale that it falls into ‘girly’ territory – when done right, it can even look great for menswear. Rather than a baby pink, Cashmere Rose has a robustness to it that belies its softness, and it looks beautiful when used on all kinds of fabrics, and whether used as a plain block color or an accent color on a print.

Who Does It Suit?

Cashmere Rose is actually quite neutral for a pink, and so whether you have a warm or cool complexion you can make it work. It is even a good color on redheads, unlike many pinks, so just about anybody can wear it with confidence while it is in fashion this fall.

Cashmere Rose and Work Wear

Cashmere Rose can be a good color to use to add some femininity to neutral colored suits or other office wear. It is not too obvious or flirty, but adds a sophisticated and appealing touch when worn on a top under a suit or on accessories like scarves, bags and belts. For more casual offices, beautiful soft knits in this shade are a great choice – the word ‘cashmere’ is there for a reason and the texture of luxury knits really sets off this pink.

Cashmere Rose and Casuals

For your casual fall wardrobe, this is a great shade for soft, cozy cardigans and sweater dresses, layered over leggings or jeans as the days get chillier. As a good color for knits, you can also find some great hats, gloves and scarves in this color. Another great option is suede, which Cashmere Rose sets off really well.

Cashmere Rose and Evening Wear

For dressier occasions, Cashmere Rose is a beautiful, feminine choice, and can be ideal if you are planning for pink bridesmaid dresses for your wedding. It looks lovely in silk, taffeta and satin, with the sheen adding depth to the pink.

Cashmere Rose is just one of ten beautiful colors you should be looking out for this fall, so take some of these ideas and start wearing it to make the most of this great trend!

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