Latest Pakistani Salwar Kameez Designs Summer 2010

Pakistan  Fashion – Shalwar Kameez Collection 2010

Pakistani fashion designers are taking Pakistani women fashion especially shalwar kamiz (salwar kameez, shalwar kameez) at the next level. We love to see the changes Pakistani women fashion designers are trying to make in this centuries old dress to keep it up with modern days demands.

Latest Salwar Kameez Pakistan Fashion

It is the usual everyday dress for both men and women in Pakistan where it may be transliterated into English as shalwar-qamiz. It is also popular in India and Bangladesh and often worn in Afghanistan.

Some versions are sometimes called a ‘Punjabi suit’, after the Punjab. Salwars are loose pajama-like trousers. The legs are wide at the top, and narrow at the bottom.

Latest Salwar Kameez Gallery 2010

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