RESIN Awesome Summer Jeans

{YBA} We love jeans all year long, but it’s always tough to make the seasonal switch:, Invariably, we’ve got a whole lot more options for January then June. If you’re like us and are jonesing to fill your warm-weather jean fix, we’ve got the goods on a whole new line that’ll get you from casual Fridays to a beach-side BBQ without any summer sweltering.

Enter NYC line RESIN, the brainchild of F.I.T. grads Chantel Valentene and Durango Adams (hippie parents, anyone?), who teamed up with the former president of Paper Denim & Cloth, Chris Gilbert, to create a line inspired by their affinity for fit and vintage craftsmanship.

In this post, we have collected some RESIN jeans for your summer celebrations. You can sharp your ideas, while in shopping mall. All the jeans are charming and awesome.

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