Top 10 Best Cosmetics TV Shows

The reality of television shows has taken over our TV screens. While this may upset some, there is no denigration of what the masses want and what advertisers are spending for their money. Programs such as The Voice, Project Runway and Survivors have accumulated a lot of money and followers in their long season, showing that the genre is not losing momentum. Television shows are not only important topics, but they are also fun to watch in style, with memorable hairstyles and makeup.

No matter how tired you feel, you will be moved by the transformations of incredible people across the country who have their wardrobe and life changed by incredible makeup artists and makeup TV shows. You might even be inspired to get into a series of old and new shows.

Considering this, we summarize the best reality makeup TV shows that adorn our screens and can be watched online. They include:

American Beauty Star

American Beauty Star, a new life-focused competition program that is willing to reduce revenue, especially for beauty brands, is coming soon. Following the usual trend in cosmetics TV shows, American Beauty Star uses professional make-up artists and stylists and gives them a series of tasks every week. The main character is the model Adriana Lima; famous makeup artist Sir John as a competitor mentor; and photographers Russell James while Sarah Brown, a former director of Beauty Vogue, as judges.

This is essentially the project’s trajectory, but with lipstick and spirals in place of fabrics and sewing machines. The series is produced by Herrick Entertainment and directed by Norton Herrick. It is true that Herrick, who is president and director of the company, does not seem to be the kind of personality who sees this type of program or who knows anything about the beauty space. His experience is based on movies such as Broadway and Lone Survivor as well as on other companies. That said, he is an insightful entrepreneur for what consumers want. And, according to him, they cannot wait for a reality show entirely devoted to the cosmetic industry.

How do I look?

In “How can I look at you?” From Styles Network, hosted by Jeannie Mai, two of her close friends and a stylist receive a fashionable intervention. At the end of the program, they must choose between three cosmetics plans created by their well-meaning critics.

Queer eyes

The Netflix “Queer Eye” reboot has all the fun and elegance of the original, infusing a generous dose of love and acceptance as mentioned in the trailer of the first season by style specialist, Tan France. It is safe to say that the repetition of cosmetics used on the show is beyond skin deep. At the end of each episode, the cosmetics personnel leaves everyone amazed and wowed. In a period of constant restarts and rework, “Queer Eye” is the only one we need.

Tim Gunn’s Style Guide

Tim Gunn, the protagonist of Project Runway, joins Gretta Monahan for this Bravo Reform show, which follows a layout likened to the one used in “What Not to Use.” First and foremost, Tim and Gretta see a video about the guest’s bad choices. They meet to get rid of the clothes and accessories and cosmetics that prevent them from becoming individual stars.

The team creates a plan of transformation, and Tim shows the guest how to see it with some minor modifications. A shopping spree, new cosmetics, and some facial transformation that leaves the guest ready to surprise friends and family with their new look.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

As a makeup artist and cosmetics professional, looking for inspiration on cosmetics can be a daunting task. RuPaul’s Drag Drag Race is an excellent show to learn about the world of queens and cosmetics. Do not be afraid of the name; RuPaul’s drag race has some of the most incredible makeup transformations in the industry. RuPaul’s Drag Race is a television series from the American reality show that presents RuPaul while looking for the next American star.

Brides Gone Styled

Do you intend to tie the knot any moment soon? Head over to Say Yes channel on Prime Video where you’ll find Brides Gone Styled and access to all TLC wedding shows! This cosmetic TV show keeps single brides from making mistakes when it comes to styling their marriage.

Face Off

Face Off is a reality show that explores the cosmetic world with special effects. It’s a great show that showcases skills, creativity, and abilities. The TV show is very informative; it shows a wide variety of skills including casting, prosthetics, sculpting, stamping, and more. It’s great to see how talented makeup artists are. Treatment participants, for example, usually have an exciting look at the end of each episode.

Face Off recalls how much work has been devoted to makeup special effects. In Kenya for instance, the cosmetic industry is not so diverse in terms of makeup and, with the growing development of the television industry, the unique makeup effect should be sought by the most aspiring makeup artists, as it could be an act of the next important thing.

Style by Jury

If I were you, I’d be careful before appearing on Style by Jury because it is a bit complicated and harsh. Reason being that it is likened to the American Idol of fashion and cosmetics shows. But the results are always top notch.

What not to wear

Family and friends call fashion victims across the country for a makeover on “What not to wear.” Participants travel from wherever they are to New York, where they face open gurus, Clinton Kelly, and Stacy London. Clinton and Stacy criticize their fashion and cosmetics sense, give them more style advice and send them off with a $ 5,000 credit card for shopping.

America’s Next Top Model

If you know this TV show, then you should ask why it is included on this list, isn’t it just about models? Yes and no; Essentially, the American Next Top model is a TV series on US TVs featuring several aspiring models challenging the title of “The Next Model of America.” However, the reason this makeup program is brilliant merely is that it focuses too much on the face.

During the show, there are many beauty photographs and what you want to say is that makeup ultimately plays a vital role for those who win and those who lose. The fact that at the end of each episode, each woman presents her image in the best way possible, especially head photos, and this for me is what makes the show relevant to any cosmetic artist interested in beauty or fashion.


This list is inexhaustible; there are tones of cosmetics TV shows around the globe. This is just a randomly selected list; nonetheless, the shows on this list should be able to wow you whenever you tune in to watch it.

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