Aerobic vs Anaerobic Workouts

Selecting the right workout to suit your goals is a difficult task, especially if you do not have a solid understanding of exercises and gym equipment. It is important to select the right workout for your specific needs, with sportspeople adhering to specific routines to suit their individual sport. For example, there are key gym exercises for cricketers and other sportspeople alike to maximize the build of the muscles that are most needed for their designated sport.

So, what is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic workouts, and what are the main examples of each?

Aerobic Workout

In other words, an aerobic workout is the execution of cardiovascular exercises with the aim of benefiting the body’s circulatory and respiratory systems. But what forms of exercise does this entail?

  • Walking – walking is the most accessible form of cardiovascular activity, as it can be done anywhere and does not require a high level of fitness. Despite this, you must walk at a fast pace for it to be considered aerobic exercise. If you find that you can talk with ease, you are not walking fast enough. This level of exercise should be done for roughly 35 to 45 minutes, most days of the week.
  • Cycling – like walking, when cycling you should feel slightly out of breath in order to reap the benefits. Cycling is an ideal exercise for those who suffer from knee problems as it does not apply pressure to the knees but still ups your heart rate.
  • Aerobics – this term tends to apply to a combination of dance and exercise in order to incorporate some fun into otherwise dull exercises. Not only does aerobics increase your overall fitness, but it allows you to build muscle.
  • Swimming – swimming is ideal for working out the entire body, allowing you to simultaneously build muscles and burn calories. Additionally, it is great for people who are pregnant or overweight as the body weighs around one-tenth of its land weight in water.
    Much like cycling, swimming does not put an excessive amount of pressure on joints, making it ideal for those with joint problems. Many people combine aerobics with swimming in the form of water aerobics; it is twice as difficult to perform activities in water, meaning that more calories are burned, and more muscles are built.
  • Running – long-distance running is a great way to lose weight, build muscle, and gain fitness. However, you should invest in the proper running shoes, as you can obtain injury from the shock of your foot hitting the ground.

Anaerobic Workout

Anaerobic workouts are exercises that are done at a high intensity for short bursts of time. This is to build muscle, power, speed, and strength as opposed to overall fitness. So, what type of activity falls under this category?

  • Sprinting – sprinting is the act of running quickly for two to five minutes. Such intense activity will not be achievable in the absence of muscle mass.
  • Weightlifting – you should be careful when you start lifting weights as anything too heavy can cause severe strain and damage. Typically, you will lift in sets of eight or ten without intervals.
  • Yoga – yoga is the art of controlled stretching and breathing techniques. This requires much strength and flexibility that needs to be built up over time.
  • Pilates – Pilates is another stretching/breathing exercise that allows you to align your core. The core is believed to be the body’s powerhouse and for the body to be at its peak, its core needs to be in optimal condition.

Whether it be fitness or strength, building on your physical activity is greatly beneficial to your health.

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