5 Tips to Build Muscle Mass Fast

Some people who practice an active lifestyle have different fitness goals. Some individuals may want to improve their mobility through exercise, while others aim to increase their muscle mass.  If you wish to grow your muscles, there are various practices you need to include in your current fitness regimen.

Here are tips to help you begin your fitness journey: 

1. Focus On Nutrition

If you want to build muscle mass in a short period successfully, you should prioritize your nutrition. Although exercise is an integral part of muscle growth, your diet also plays a vital role in your fitness journey. If you don’t provide the nutrients your body needs to grow muscles, you won’t achieve your desired results. 

Hence, you should include nutritious food items in your meal plan. One crucial nutrient you should consume if you want to grow your muscles is protein. The protein’s amino acids are responsible for repairing the muscle tears in your tissues. If your body doesn’t get enough of this nutrient, your muscles may take time to recover and may not grow bigger and stronger over time. 

Meat, eggs, beans, and nuts are rich in protein. You can add them to your diet if you have time to cook your meals. However, if you live a busy lifestyle, it may be better to opt for more convenient protein sources. For example, there are protein shakes you can consume to meet your nutritional needs quickly. Fitness websites like www.nspnutrition.com and others offer a wide range of fitness supplements like protein powders you can include in your fitness regimen.

2. Increase Your Calorie Intake 

Food is an essential part of your physical health. It fuels your body so you can perform various daily tasks with ease. If you don’t eat enough, you may feel fatigued throughout the day. On the other hand, if you consume more than you can burn, you may gain weight. 

In some cases, sticking to a calorie deficit is the best way to tone your body. However, if you want to increase your muscle mass, you may need to increase your calorie intake. Eating about 250 to 350 extra calories daily will help your body build new muscles. It will be easier for your body to focus on muscle growth if it doesn’t need to worry about conserving food for energy. 

3. Rest After an Intense Workout 

You may assume that the only way to increase your muscle mass is by doing workouts every day. However, if you don’t allow your body to recover, you may only hinder your progress. It’s best to include a rest day in your weekly fitness plan. Your muscles will need time to repair themselves after successive intense exercise sessions. If you exhaust them past their limit, the recovery period you need may take longer.

If you wish to work out during your rest day, stick to easier routines like cardio or yoga. These types of routines will allow you to move your body without straining your muscles. 

4. Perform Compound Lifts

Besides eating healthy, the key to successful muscle growth is exercise. Nevertheless, different types of workouts focus on various aspects of your physical health. For instance, cardio targets your cardiovascular performance and helps your body burn fat. On the other hand, weightlifting tones your body and aids in muscle growth and strength development. 

If you wish to increase your muscle mass, it’s advisable to focus on exercises that push your body to the limit. This way, your muscles will grow bigger and stronger once you recover from an intense workout.

Compound lifts target multiple muscle groups per repetition. It’s an excellent method to develop different parts of your body and ensure your physique will look balanced. It’ll also help you build strength evenly. Exercises like deadlifts or weighted squats target various parts of your body, so they’re great movements you can incorporate into your workouts.

5. Decrease Rest Between Sets

If you’re lifting to increase your muscle mass, it’s best to lessen your rest time between sets. Your muscles may not reach hypertrophy if you wait too long before doing another set of your exercises.

For instance, if you’re doing ten repetitions of bicep curls, minimize the intervals between each set to 60 to 90 seconds. This way, you can maximize the benefits and results of your movements. Furthermore, setting a timer for each exercise you do will ensure you’ll finish your workout in time. 


Muscle building doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as you pay attention to your diet and focus on toning different muscle groups in your body, you’ll achieve the results you want. Eating protein-rich foods and doing compound lifts are two effective practices you can do to increase your muscle mass successfully.

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