Charming Bob Hairstyles for 2010

{YBA} Ladies with long faces should focus on choosing a haircut that will not elongate their face more. Doing that means no super short cuts or extremely long hairstyles. Some may think that long hair is universally flattering, but, if you have a long face you should try and keep your hair above the bust line for best results.

Remember Sarah Jessica Parker’s super long hair for the earlier seasons of Sex and the City? She is a celebrity with an elongated face and when she chopped her hair into a sexy curly bob haircut, it was much more flattering.

To figure out if you have a long face, look at yourself in the mirror and compare the width of your face to its length.If the length is almost twice as long as the width, your face shape would be categorized as long. The best way to tell is to look at a picture of yourself where you were photographed directly, rather than a mirror or picture where your face is angled.

If you have a long face shape and you have thought about trying out a bob haircut, it will definitely work for your face shape too. Instead of choosing one of the shorter bob haircut styles that ends closer to the cheekbones, it is best to try a chin-length style. This longer length will flatter your face shape and prevent it from looking too long or narrow. Adding bangs that are side-swept across your forehead would also be a flattering accent to the bob haircut.

It is best to avoid blunt, choppy bangs that are cut across the forehead as those tend to elongate the face and won’t be as flattering on longer face shapes. Another plus of choosing a bob haircut if you have a longer, narrower face, is that the bob haircut makes any face instantly appear fuller and will draw attention to your jaw line, especially if cut close to the chin.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

Look at this classic bob hairstyle, With all the sultry and seductive elements that easily flow in pure sophistication. The fringes of the hair are cut along the wavy line of the expressive eyebrows and form a heart stopping little dip above the nose. The contours of this short haircut are round all over and seductive in the truest sense of the word.

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