Aggressive Examples of Dragon Tattoo Designs

Dragon tattoos have long been popular design choices in the tattoo industry. Both men and women choose them due to their versatility in both size and design. Dragon tattoos are commonly placed on the upper arm covering the outer shoulder and bicep areas; however, large backpieces are not uncommon.

A dragon tattoo is known to be more common in men than in women. But recently, they have become some of the most popular tattoo choices among girls also. Dragon tattoo, along with some feminine designs like cherry blossom, blend well on a woman’s body. These tattoos have even won the heart of female celebrities, like Angelina Jolie. She is a great fan of tattooing, has almost a dozen tattoos on her body. Her upper left arm bears a dragon tattoo.

Black Tribal Dragon Tattoos On Side

Best Dragon Tattoo Design

Chinesse Sragon Tattoo Designs

Tribal Dragon Tattoos On Back

Dragon Tattoo Design

Dragon Tattoo for Arm

Dragon Tattoo for Women

Dragon Tattoo for Young Girls

Dragon Tattoo on Arm

Dragon Tattoo

Tribal Dragon Tattoo Design

Dragon Tattoo Trend

Dragon Tattoo for Girls

Dragon Tattoo Latest Design

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