Hibiscus for Hair Care – 7 Best Tips

Hibiscus is a plant that is widely grown for ornamental purposes. These plants that grow like woody shrubs, are mainly found in the tropical regions across the globe, especially in Asian countries like India. Hibiscus prevents hair loss, premature graying, and promotes hair growth. It makes the hair smooth, shiny, and bouncy. This flower is used for curing dandruff. Hibiscus extracts are used in hair oils, shampoos, hair tonic and conditioners. Listed here some of the home made packs, tonics and oils to treat dandruff, prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

The Hair Care Treatment with Hibiscus Flowers

  1. Soak fenugreek seeds overnight. In the morning, grind these soaked seeds and hibiscus leaves along with buttermilk. Apply this paste to scalp and leave for an hour. It results in dandruff-free scalp.
  2. If you want to use hibiscus as a shampoo, you have to collect a few leaves and flowers of hibiscus. Grind them to a fine paste and apply it on the scalp as well as hair. Let it settle for about ten to fifteen minutes. You can rinse this off with lukewarm water.
  3. Hibiscus Conditioner: Blend hibiscus flowers with some water to make a fine paste. Smear this paste on the scalp and leave it for 15 minutes. Cover it with a shower cap. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Use a mild shampoo the next day.
  4. Dry hibiscus leaves under the sun for a week. Grind these dry leaves and make a fine powder. It can be stored for about a month, but see through that you do not add water. Take a spoon of this powder and boil it with water. Apply this solution once in two days using cotton to roots. This acts as a best hair tonic.
  5. In order to prepare hibiscus hair oil, you have to take a few flowers and leaves (preferably red flowers). You need half a cup of chopped flowers and leaves that has to be crushed well. Add the crushed hibiscus to a pan and add a cup of coconut oil into it. Cook the mixture over low heat, till fumes develop. Turn off the heat and allow the oil to cool, before storing. Gently massage a small amount of this oil before bath, at least two times a week. You may rinse it off with a mild herbal shampoo.
  6. Make a fine paste of hibiscus leaves and amla powder using water. Applying this paste to hair and roots controls hair fall permanently and also helps in hair growth.
  7. Washing with this natural shampoo avoids split ends and supports hair growth. The paste is too sticky and sticks to hair. So, it requires lot of water to rinse and clean.

This is one of the wonderful homemade ayurvedic treatments for healthy and shiny hair. You may try this natural remedy for keeping your hair health, smooth and shiny.

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