Round Face Hairstyle for Women – Vibrant and Stylish

{YBA} Mostly hairstylist says! Round faces can be some of the hardest to style, as those with round faces are always seeking haircuts that can minimize the appearance of the roundness of the face. Hairstyles for round faces can offset the shape of the face, reducing the round appearance effectively.

Round Face Hair Styles
Round face hair styles add balance and distinction to a round-shaped face. Working with your face shape to create a suitable style is critical for gorgeous hair, because even though the style may be stunning, if it accentuates the wrong part of the face, the affect of a great style will be lost.

Round Face Hair Styles – Short Hair
Short hair is easy to manage and style, and there are many  short cuts that work well with round-shaped faces. The key is to add volume at the top of the head through a series of  layers or heightened  bangs. This will help elongate the face. Using an off-centered part with a short style helps break up a rounded look, and  shags are particularly effective for round faces with shorter hair lengths.

Styles to Avoid if You have a Round Face
Medium length styles are not a wise choice for round faces, to elongate the face, the hair should continue past the chin or stop above the cheeks. Avoid these other style blunders if you wish to slim a round face:

  1. Chunky, heavy bangs only add weight to a round face.
  2. Curls next to the cheeks emphasize the roundness.
  3. Blunt ends near the cheeks add width to the face shape.
  4. Bobs are not recommended because they frequently emphasize cheeks.

Kirsten Dunst Round Face Haircuting

To experiment with a new style before making drastic cuts or changes to your current look, consider investigating virtual style generators or trying on several wigs to get a feel for how a new look would blend with your face shape.

Cameron Diaz Hairstyle Trend for Round Face

Hairstyles for Round Face

Best Short Hairstyle for Round Shape Face

Kelly Clarkson Short Hairstyle

These great celebrity short hairstyles will help some women to seting the perfect haircut.

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