“BB Love Yourself” Bipasha Basu Fitness Clothing Line | Fabulous Launch

{YBA} Bipasha Basu is well known for being a fitness freak and health conscious. She created her own fashion statement every time she appears in a new film. Now, the hot and fit actress has come up with her own fitness clothing line named “BB Love Yourself’ with Reebok.

Bipasha has shared facts about her new clothing line by posting it on the micro blogging site Twitter. She tweeted, “With Reebok, I have launched a new fitness clothing line called “BB Love Yourself’. Check it out as these are available at all outlets.”

Earlier, the Bipasha had launched a fitness DVD in association with the fitness expert Deanne Pandey which bears the same title. She added, “Now, everybody in India wants to look fit, health and fitness has been a very big issue here in this country. I am very happy with the timing of my health video release.”

Everyone would expect playful lines of clothing, which goes in with her personality. However, in Twitter, the T-shirt in which she posed for the new line does not look very happening. Well, the stores might have some more sassy collections. So check them out for sure!

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