Simple Split Hair Ends Treatment with Home Remedies

Split ends can be a bane for many women. Those who experience split ends know what it does to their hair. Hair that is naturally dry is more susceptible to split ends. Split ends happen when the protective cuticle has been stripped away from the ends of hair fibers. Split ends, which occur most often when the hair is dry, damaged or stressed, are a result of the wearing away of the protective outer layer of the hair, which causes the hair to unravel and split.

The ends mostly split due to dryness, over exposure in the sun, frequent use of intensive hair products like hair spray, hair gel or hair colours. There are even home remedies for split ends. That’s right, if you have split ends, you might be able to get rid of it by simply taking a trip into your kitchen.

Split Hair Ends Treatment with Home Remedies

We studied everything from coconut milk to mustard oil, and we developed a list of what we believe to be the most interesting home remedies.

  1. Honey basically nourishes the split ends. Take half cup of curd and mix it with a tablespoon of honey. Beat it well, and apply to the strands and tips of the hair. Leave it on for around 20 minutes, wash off as usual.
  2. Beat one egg; add ½ cup milk and one table spoon honey to it. Apply the paste as mentioned above. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash with normal water. Use a mild shampoo if needed.
  3. Massage healthy oils into the roots of your hair to repair and moisturize split ends and reduce friction. Try jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil or castor oil. The oil can be heated in the microwave for an effective deep-cleaning treatment. The oil should be warm, but never hot.
  4. Another excellent treatment for split ends is the application of hot water mixed with olive oil. Use this mixture to massage into the scalp. Women with longer hair can especially benefit from this treatment. Sweet almond oil or castor oil is also often used as a remedy for hydrating the hair and making it softer.
  5. Take one egg yolk and beat it with a tablespoon of almond oil and apply on your hair and massage into scalp. Keep it on for an hour and wash away regularly.
  6. Mix few drops of jojoba oil with your regular shampoo and conditioner for extra moisturizing and softness. You can even massage with it after or before shower.
  7. Take one full ripe banana, mash it well. Add 2 table spoon curds, a few drops of lemon and a few drops of rose water to it. Apply the paste to your hair starting from the scalp to the ends of hair. Leave it on for 1 hour and wash hair with a mild shampoo.
  8. If you eat a lot of avocado, you may have noticed that your hair and skin gets extremely soft. The oil in avocado makes it an ideal hair and skin treatment but right now, we’re focusing on the former! All you have to do is mash up an avocado and, after getting your hair a bit damp, massage the fruit into your hair. Make sure you get your split ends coated. Let it set for anywhere between 15 minutes and half an hour, then rinse it out. You can add a tablespoon of olive oil for some extra sheen, if you like.

There are a lot of home hair treatments for split ends you can do, and they’ll all keep your hair incredibly healthy. Most of these home hair treatments for split ends work with any kind hair type, although if your hair is extremely thin, thick, oily, or dry, you can find something just right for that type.

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