Hair Care Tips For Black Women

Black women face specific problems when dealing with the care of their hair. Most hair products available on the market are targeted and made for Caucasian women with certain hair textures and features. Black women’s hair texture, color and style requires certain products and techniques to properly care for it. With the right hydration and hair care techniques, hair can be healthy and manageable.

We take our hair through a lot and in the mist of it all it stays with us no matter how bad it’s treated. After while your locks get tired, weak, brittle and unhealthy. We expect our hair to do right all the time, but it cannot accomplish what you want it to do unless it’s treated right. Here are some tips on how to strengthen you hair, keep it healthy and grow thicker. These tips has help me so much.

Hair Care Tips for Black Women:

Night Care:

Section off your hair and plait it or wrap it up using a scarf before you go to bed. You hair becomes tangled during the night if left open, hence, tying and wrapping it will reduce the number of tangles, thus, reducing the chances of hair breakage. This will also help avoid split ends which are caused due to rubbing of your hair against the pillow case. You must always use a wide tooth comb to style your hair. Using a fine-tooth comb will lead to hair breakage. You can use fine tooth combs and brushes only for finishing touches after styling.

Healthy Diet:

Your hair reflects what you eat, hence, if you want shiny, healthy hair, you must eat healthy food. Incorporate lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Since, your hair is made of protein, you should eat foods rich in proteins. Also, include vitamins such as A, B6, B12, E, niacin, etc., as a healthy diet does more good to your hair than any hair care product.

Oil Massage:

Oil massage is a must for your scalp. Massage the scalp regularly to promote circulation and oil production. Go for a hot oil treatment once a month. Apply hot oil to your hair and scalp, massage your scalp in circular directions. Now, cover your head with a plastic cap and sit under a dryer for about 20 minutes or wrap your head in a towel. Then wash the hair thoroughly with shampoo, followed by conditioning it. This is the best natural hair care for black women, it helps the dry brittle hair to get soft.

You can opt for natural oils such as shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, and sunflower oil. Applying oil to wet hair to will help hold in the moisture. You can opt for creams or leave-in conditioners when you don’t wash or wet your hair. You might need to experiment a little to find out which oil works best for you. More on essential oils for hair growth.

Stay Hydrated:

One of the biggest hair care challenges a black woman may face is the texture of her hair. African American hair is notoriously dry, thanks to its density, notes Because of this, even if a woman doesn’t wash her hair every day, she should add moisture for softer locks. Using a leave-in conditioner after washing the hair will protect it through styling. Hydrate the hair by applying coconut oil or jojoba oil daily.

Get the Right Weave:

Traction alopecia, a condition in which the hair is thinned due to a pulling or tugging on the hair follicle, often plagues black women because of the prevalence of weaves, notes the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. If weaves are a black woman’s hairstyle of choice, she should look for bonded weaves, where the hair is glued to her own natural hair, over braided weaves, where her natural hair is braided tightly and the tracks of hair are sewn in. This will eliminate the pulling and tugging so that the natural hair still looks healthy when the weave is removed.


The next tip on hair care for black women is clipping off the split ends regularly. Cut the split ends when your hair is wet after being washed because this is when your black hair is at its longest length. Also, you can easily see if the length is uneven and trim the hair accordingly. Trimming the tips regularly help in proper growth of hair.

Wash Care:

Wash your hair once or twice every week. Washing more number of times can dry your hair. Comb your hair after you have conditioned it. It is easier to remove the tangles while it’s wet. If you sweat, rinse your hair with water at least if not with shampoo and then condition it with conditioner. You must always use a conditioner after washing your hair. More on how to wash your hair.

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